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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I'm a night owl myself but I do find it can take a toll physically (tired, sleeping unexpectedly throughout the day).

    I wonder how Madonna deals with this physically. Although I'm a night owl, I'm not a superstar performer giving a 2-hour+ performance until about 1:30 into the morning. How does she come down from this? I would imagine it takes hours to be able to relax and fall asleep. I don't know if it's arrogance or maybe she really does feel this is her peak time to perform. Somehow I can't imagine Madonna sleeps into noon or 1:00 p.m.
  2. She doesn’t really sleep much at all because she suffers from insomnia – always has. She said she never goes to bed before 2am and usually has to get up in the morning for her kids.
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  3. It only takes her 40 minutes and the blood of two young pop girls careers to regenerate so there really is no excuse for this lateness.
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  4. LTG


    Get Citymapper and get a night bus. It’ll be £1.50.
  5. to fall in love
    to fall in love!
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  6. I’ve seen her twice. One MDNA show and one Rebel Heart show. For both these shows she was late and the last section of the tour was heavily cut down or abruptly stopped all together (Rebel Heart). And even though the ticket for RH cost more than my monthly mortgage payment it wouldn’t have bothered me had I experienced the full show.

    It is disappointing. "She’s Madonna" isn’t a plausible excuse. If she wants to start later that’s absolutely fine but don’t have your start time be 9pm then go on at 11 or after. Just say it’s 11. Start on time, do a full set. No excuses.

    I don’t post often but frequently read all the time. Before I get a "don’t go and see her then" post... I really don’t plan to anymore.
  7. I don't like to be late by the way

    -is late for 80% of her concerts the past decade-
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  8. Madame X is a.....troll ?
  9. Not sure if this can be posted here but I have 2x Lisbon tickets for sale, Sunday 12th Jan. Just looking for what I paid for them. Drop me a message if interested! Thanks.
  10. Lowkey considering an impromptu trip to Lisbon now. Shame it's in January and all.
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  11. She cancelled again?
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  12. The first Los Angeles concert was cnacelled.
  13. She might cancel the first few dates! BEWARE.
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  14. *breathes nervously in Las Vegas date*
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  15. I actually understand the first LA show being canceled, it only gave them a day to pack out, rebuild and test all of the elements after leaving Vegas.

    Even though it doesn't seem that intricate
  16. God you’re so funny!
  17. AM I? Make sure you laugh then!
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  18. Nice.
    People acting like Madonna is Janet (or Gaga) is funny, I have to say.
  19. Okay but what we’re not going to do is bring up artists who have had to cancel tours due to serious medical conditions.
  20. Madonna cancelled a show for a medical condtion too.
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