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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I haven’t seen one review saying the show is one of her best. Most seem complimentary at best and applaud her for trying something new but I haven’t read a rave. I’ve enjoyed everyone of her shows live, (except the woeful sticky and sweet which was flat as a pancake), and I know I’m going to enjoy this one too, but I’m not expecting to be blown away and I think that’s a healthy approach this time round.

    I’m still convinced there’ll be a large scale “hits” tour before we’re into reissues and an extended musical creative hiatus. I think she can stomach it for one big heave.
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  2. This is basically how all her shows (and albums) post-1993 have been reviewed.
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  3. David Bowie went through these odd lackluster years starting with Tonight in 1984 and that period lasted more or less up until really finding himself again with Heathen in 2002. It really was a renaissance that carried on right till the end with Reality, The Next Day and Blackstar all being up to his high standards. I'm sure Madonna is now somewhere around Outside/ Earthling and her late-career peak phase is yet to come.
  4. I’m with you on this one. I do think we’ll get a Greatest Hits Tour (in Madonna’s own way of course) at some point in the next 10 years. Amongst other things it would be an easy money maker, and we know that Queen likes the dolla.
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  5. Sis has found other ways to make money just so she doesn’t have to do a hits tour. Reinvention and Rebel Heart are probably the closest y’all are ever going to get.
  6. She’s just turned 61 so she’s got 8 years to play this out.
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  7. That's black! Hopefully more like thirty.
  8. I mean til she exterminates us all and feasts on our flesh.
  9. RJF


    Haven't loads of reviews actually been raving about the show and calling it one of her boldest yet? I was under the impression it had been incredibly well received overall. If she was doing a similar show in service of Ray Of Light in 1998 it would of course be a critical slam dunk, but considering she's out there doing a new-album-heavy intimate show when A) a very select few seem to care about the new album unfortunately, and B) she's renowned for stadium spectacles, I'll take the current reception.

    In terms of a greatest hits extravaganza... I don't know. There have been a few times through this tour and even the performances for the promo earlier this year that has me thinking that she thinks she can no longer perform to the style and standard she's personally set for herself, so would rather not do it at all any more and do something different. Can anyone really see Madonna shuffling around, led by dancers from set piece to set piece, loosely miming along to the hits a la Cher in the next ten years? I think she would be mortified.
  10. But she probably will never do all the dancing of her past tours. So a Greatest Hits would be interesting. I’m sure she’s glad that this is the last tour on her Live Nation contract. If she really wanted to drum up anticipation for another tour, she should wait 7/8 years to do the next one. Make the public hungry again. Madonna and touring are just a given anymore. I remember how excited people got at the prospect of another tour after The Girlie Show because it had been so long since she done one.
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  11. She can do an avatar show...
  12. I think the first set of reviews for the New York shows were the best. But considering how everyone in the press could only manage to praise the new album through clenched teeth, I’m not sure why anyone cares how the show is being received outside of the people she made it for – her hardcore fans.
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  13. I mean the way she delivered some of the hits on her most recent tours would do me fine. She was just up a pole on Rebel Heart tour.
    True Blue / Deeper & Deeper / Like A Virgin / Material Girl / Music / Burning Up we’re all great performances last time round even If some of the arrangements sucked ass. She still has presence and when the arrangements are sympathetic but fresh she’s still beguiling. I don’t need MDNA levels of Choreo. Girlie Show is my fave and most of that is movement and light non strenuous choreo apart from La Isla finale. As long as the humour and interaction is there and she looks like she’s having fun interspersed with some poignant moments I’m good with the hits. She often forgets the music is what we fell in love with. The Into The Groove, Erotica and Open Your Heart bass. The choir and guitar in Like A Prayer. The strings and tablas in Frozen, the Abba Sample in Hung Up. The right MD would know this and incorporate accordingly.
    You know you’d gag for the full works because’s something she never does. That would actually be different for a change.
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  14. I genuinely don't see her doing a full blown stadium hits tour at 70. If anyone could do it, it's her, but I really doubt she would
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  15. I don’t think it’s true that she never does her hits close to the original. Yes sometimes she radically reinvents them, but there have been many times when they are very recognizable and not that different from the original versions.
    LAP and Frozen on this tour for example are not that different from the originals.
  16. Oh here's the tea. You can tell she's not as comfortable dancing or with choreography nowadays. It's evident in the show, at least. And if we're being really honest, she's not as nimble either.

    I think it's just a matter of reorganizing the sort of setup of the show, which she does well on this tour. More theater, less grand spectacle. More play than musical. She knows what she's doing.
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  17. A greatest hits tour would be like admitting defeat. She'll never do it.
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  18. If she didn’t want the dancing element of a Greatest Hits tour, I’d settle for a Something 2 Remember compilation and tour. Would be interesting to limit a Madonna show to ballads, we might get some deeper cuts!
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