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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Cut to the inevitable ballad versions of La Isla Bonita and Candy Shop.
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  2. I would pay the ticket cost for this alone!
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  3. LiK


    She knows this is what many would want fans and casuals but knowing her she'll probably save it for last and negotiate some huge contract for it. But I think she's also probably just bored of her classics at this point.

    I do expect the next tour if there is one after this will be more focused on the hits though. It's the logical next step commercially.
  4. She said she’s entered a new phase where she’s done giving a fuck. She’s doing things to please herself and nobody else, which she’s always done to a degree, but never full on. Her posts before the album was released and statements made after (and on tour) reflect this, and she seems way happier for it. I don’t see her going back anytime soon, regardless of what might seem like the logical next step.

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  5. I refuse to believe that she doesn’t love those songs. When you write something it means something to you even before people have heard it. Never mind the memories, love and joy it has bought you. So bizzare she seems to want to forget so many of them. She’s a bit of a joyless wretch at times isn’t she?
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I guess everyone comes to a certain point in life where they feel like 'I'm done pleasing others, I'm just gonna do what makes me happy now'. It's just a lot harder to do so when you're an entertainer and keeping crowds happy is kinda your thing. I mean, Madonna's at a stage where she should really do whatever fucking pleases her and should sing whatever she wants to, but at the same time deep down I guess she still wants those big crowds, that applause and everything.
    And sure she'd get that even when she'd do full nights of riding on a tricycle as a clown.. I just think she's always gonna wanna not give a fuck but still doing so to some extent. Like any person really.
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  7. I mean, she doesn’t hate them either. I think it was recently she said she just doesn’t connect to a lot of her older material anymore because of the lyrical content, and I think this has always been her issue deep down without ever really saying it until now. It’s not a coincidence that the oldest songs in the new show are from Like a Prayer (well... mostly) – I feel she’s always seen that as her “arrival” as an artist in a sense and anything from before that is pure fluff to her, with a few exceptions.
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  8. Personally I would find it weirder if she still loved all of her songs. Artists will always evolve and their relationship to their songs will change. I just think it’s a sign of growth and a hunger for something new. Personally I write poetry and while I always love my poems around the time that I’ve just written them, a few years later I might cringe just thinking about them. Sometimes you just change too much over time to even connect with your own words.
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  9. Y’all getting your apologist freak on. She’s just a difficult person who thrives on contrarianism specifically now she’s in commercial decline. How convenient that she suddenly doesn’t want to please anymore. I live for her drama and I love the bones of the woman but we know what she’s like. It’s chicken and egg I suppose. I can’t know how she feels. She’s spoiled us with amazing records and memories. Be nice to relive them with her enjoying it too at times or at least enjoying the fact that people are enjoying it. She is what she is.
  10. Well I imagine it’s freeing not worrying about how well your album or singles are doing and just... creating to create and enjoying it. Beyoncé said she went through something similar after she released 4 and fired her father/manager and took control of her own career, something Madonna inspired her to do. And she’s been thriving on another level ever since. Madonna has expressed regret of being so career focused that she didn’t have time for anything else, and we saw how that nearly destroyed her during the last album when Rocco up and ran away. That whole ordeal alone was probably enough to force her to rethink how she’s done things.
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  11. Well, isn’t Madonna doing the exact opposite of what people expect her to do one of the reasons why we love her to begin with?
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  12. I mean, I think it's a little bit of both. She knows the charts etc. are a losing game, and in order to maintain her ego, she has to change the narrative. It's a clever move, if a bit transparent, and I'd probably do the same if my legacy was dismissed daily like hers is. At the same time, I'm sure she's actually happier doing what she's doing. The work is certainly better.
  13. I feel as though the next tour won’t be a Greatest Hits tour, but will have more older material than this one. More of an equal mix.,
  14. It's as if we have already forgotten how good Madame X is (or at least unexpected at this point in her careers, especially after several subpar and lifeless albums). Whether you enjoyed the album/tour or not (it's certainly not perfect), it's clear that she feels reinvigorated as an artist and actually gives a shit about her work more than at anytime in the last decade. Why would we expect her to cash out on being a legacy act? Instead, we should hope she has more albums in her.
  15. A large part of what I love about Madonna is the fact that despite the public front she is in no way happy or accepting of the fact that she’s not as commercially viable or taking up as much bandwidth as she used to.
    It’s the charts that got smaller.
    I don’t want her to be accepting of it. The Norma Desmond if it all is delicious. So old Hollywood which she adores. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m actually certain we’ll get to the point where she sits visitors down and forces them to watch her old movies.
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  16. This thread is so...weirdly dour at times. Lighten up girls
  17. She made me that way. X
  18. Well, La Isla Bonita was a bonus track on the japanese edition of Something To Remember.
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  19. Madonna Booed At Vegas ‘Madame X’ Show For Being Late, Concert-Goers Reportedly Chant “Refund”

    I mean it's Madonna but damn, midnight is a late start time for a 2hr show.

    Also sounds like the audience lacked a sense of humour too though.....

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