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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. To: [email protected]

    Subject line is Madame X Tour - *city* - *concert date*
    ex: mine was “Madame X Tour - Los Angeles - Nov 14”

    then your related email address

    Then a selfie of you making an X with your fingers. You’ll have to decrease the photo quality though, as they said it can only be 100KB or smaller (an iPhone photo can be 8MB+).

    Good luck, everyone! I sure as hell hope they’re still doing this for future shows. Maybe they’re just updating the page.
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  2. When I'm listening to the show I feel the momentum stops when she performs 'Crazy'? No clue what it looks like in person, but audibly it's not that exciting.
  3. A few of my not-asked-for thoughts from last night:

    • It was packed, though didn’t appear to be totally sold out. A lady in a tasteful pantsuit came up to a mother and young son who were a few seats away from us and whispered “how would you two like to be in the front row?” and made a “shhh” sign with her finger and guided them down there. The expensive seats were definitely not alllllll taken.
    • It may depend on which venue you see the show in but in the Wiltern Theatre, which seats just under 2000, there wasn’t a truly bad seat in the house. We were 5-6 rows from the very back of the balcony yet we could see everything perfectly.
    • God Control is a great opener
    • The pacing of the show could be better, in my opinion. The classics were mostly in the beginning and end, so there was a patch of nothing but Madame X and quite a few interludes for a long stretch of the middle of the show. I like this album's material for sure, but sometimes the momentum didn't always keep up.
    • To me, using the Crave remix is a bit bizarre and doesn’t fit the show. Everyone was dressed up in Studio 54/disco outfits just for this one song. Why not do a Confessions song if she wanted a dance section, or even bring out Deeper and Deeper again?
    • I appreciate Batuka much more after seeing it live.
    • Medellín went down so, so well. After a few Madame X album tracks which people weren't as into, everyone stood up for it.
    • She was absolutely hilarious, quick, and off-the-cuff when she spoke to the audience. The polaroid auction went on for a long time and was a bit clunky but someone came up and said "Soho House (an "elite" members only club) will give you $2000" and she immediately said "Soho House can fuck off."
    • Frozen is indeed a highlight. The visuals were absolutely STUNNING and the minor updates to the instrumentation made it sound like what I imagine the Ray of Light album would be in 2019.
    • Come Alive was gorgeous, and one of my favorite moments.
    • Like a Prayer was beautiful, and the one that everyone got into the most. I almost shed a few gay tears.
    • If you’re doubtful about I Rise’s place as the closer/encore, it makes more sense once you see it. Like a Prayer is definitely the climax and what made everyone go absolutely nuts but I Rise was a nice, borderline mellow way to cap it all of.
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  4. Did the lottery not end up panning out?

    Great review! Glad you enjoyed.
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  5. No, they were the lottery tickets! My email said we wouldn't know our seats until we got to the theatre but for $10 each, I would sit in the theatre bathroom and have an audio-only experience, so it was so so so so worth it.
  6. Oh absolutely! Like you said the theatre is so small. People around you probably spent hundreds on those $10 seats.
  7. Yep. Right on time.
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  8. I also won the lottery so I think this forum has incredible luck!

    see you tonight Madame X
  9. How was it? Where were your seats???
  10. Glad the L.A. audiences are enjoying the show.

    For anyone who may have missed it and is interested, my published review of the show is accessible via my signature. :)
  11. The front row of the last floor section! I looked on the map and technically I was 16th row however, we were elevated so the view was amazing!

    I also walked up to the front row pretending to have cash for the Polaroid. I only had $26 but wanted to get up close. They actually pre select who buys the Polaroid and ushered him forward.

    overall I really enjoyed the atmosphere, seeing her in a phone free environment and the intimate setting, but it wasn’t my favorite tour.

    the high points were very high- God Control, Vogue, Human Nature, Papa Dont Preach come to mind...but the middle section felt a bit drawn out and disjointed. I still enjoyed the entire experience and it was unique seeing her in a more relaxed setting but I did prefer the more rehearsed produced tours I’ve seen.

    still an amazing night and she was fantastic.
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  13. Ugh I love her so much
  14. Oh, also the Karen’s really should do a little research before attending this tour. Everyone deserves the right to go, but if you have made no effort to listen to her music since you graduated high school in 1992 why bother?

    A white lady booed anything political she said- and the show wasn’t even political in my opinion. I spoke to a married couple at the bar and the wife said, despite having the Madame X CD shipped to her house with ticket purchase, she never even opened it. Seriously? I explained she wouldn’t be performing Borderline, Material Girl or True Blue and the lady honestly looked like she was contemplating leaving
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  15. Also, at this point...if you go to a Madonna show not expecting anything political, that's on you dd
  16. also- if “women deserve equal rights” is a political statement to you...
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