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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I don’t recall her ever saying she wanted to do new arrangements of her older hits. Yes she radically reinvents some songs, but not all of them. She has done a lot of her older songs in ways that are perhaps a bit modernized but they are still recognizable. I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say she never does them similar to the originals.
  2. We've had this conversation before, but I'll never understand why fans think it's a waste when Madonna (or other popstars) don't play their songs exactly as they are on the album. I get it – those are the most famous versions and the ones we know and love – but don't you want to see something you couldn't get by playing the CD when you go to a show?

    I'll never forget the first time I bought a Bjork concert DVD as a kid (Live at Shepherds Bush, with all the remixes) and saw songs I already knew and loved taken in new and exciting directions. I've been to plenty of shows that don't switch it up and have had a fantastic time (Charli XCX most recently) but I really appreciate live reinventions and they're what keeps me buying Madonna tickets in particular even though I've seen her multiple times. I just have to see how her old songs evolve with her musical obsessions of the moment.
  3. That's the fun of being a fan of Madonna is not knowing how she'll flesh out or reinvent songs on tour. She's had some clunkers but the live versions are always excellent and elevate the songs to new heights.
  4. Yeah, Madonna’s tour arrangements are what drew me to her live shows in the first place - and also what I imagine keeps her from getting bored out of her gourd when performing the older hits.
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  5. Confessions Tour is a perfect example of how to reinvent classics, she turned what were already classic bops, into mega bops.
  6. There have only been a handful of interpretations of her classics in the past 10yrs+ that come close to the magic Stuart did with her back catalogue.
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  7. If she were to ever reunite with Stuart, I would absolutely want it to be as a musical director on tour. Album-wise I think they’ve done everything they were meant to do as a unit, but he just understood her back catalogue on a level that I’m not sure anyone else in her circle had before or has since, even the woman herself.

    Kevin Antunes can’t relate!
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  8. *checks clock*
    It's his turn after Orbit and Mirwais, I guess? I've come to realize that Kevin Antunes wasn't always uninspiried (Erotic Candy Shop comes to mind), but yeah, Stuart all the way.
    And of course, Side A of "Confessions" being the best continuous 15 minutes of music ever.
  9. Erotica (Confessions Tour) is up there as one of her best teebs
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  10. I haven't head the Open Your Heart bassline and synth top line for 29 years - let me live
    I haven't heard the Into The Groove bassline and synth top line for 15 years - let me live
    I haven't heard the Dress You Up bassline and guitar solo in 34 years - let me live
    I haven't heard the Erotica Bassline and vocal sample in 27 years - let me live

    These are some of the high points of her musical career.

    I love her reinventions. I love the originals.
    A blend of both is always welcome.
    In short - let me live
  11. Not exactly a classic, but Stuart's take on Nobody Knows Me mops the floor with the original, which I've always found to be an ear-sore. But his crowning glory will always be that stunningly regal Future Lovers/I Feel Love mash-up. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
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  12. Did she not use both of these on the Re-Invention Tour though

    EDIT: Guess I can’t do math re: Into The Groove. But as I recall Dress You Up’s arrangement for Re-Invention was basically a slightly modernized take on the album version.
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  13. Time to fire up that computer and put in the CD, or maybe even sign up for Spotify

    I kid
  15. RJF


    Eh, I get that sometimes it's annoying when a reworked version of a beloved hit simply doesn't land, but... I'll always appreciate her trying? These girls out here making setlists by putting their This Is playlists on shuffle from Spotify need to learn. I'll always love the fact that she goes out of her way to think about a cohesive show, and how to bring older songs into the current world she's inhabiting. Like, Lady Gaga has been doing the same damn arrangement of "Just Dance" for eleven years, down to the fake keytar playing. If I have to choose one end of the spectrum, I'll take Madonna's.

    Kylie and Britney ('s respective music directors) low-key have the monopoly on good reworks. Although Beyoncé has been coming close in recent years.
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  16. LET ME
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  17. Amen. At what point did You Thrill Me even come up in conversation?! I would LOVE fly on the wall footage of meetings, recording sessions, Madonna's reactions on hearing Stuart's new versions for the first time...
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  18. It was supposed to be Deeper & Deeper at first.
  19. I had a theory that You Thrill Me was rediscovered when she was having her back catalogue digitised for that cancelled box set. It’s probably not the case but you never know.
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  20. Well, for someone who didn't buy tickets because of Eurovision you certainly seem to be interested in the tour if you're posting on page 169 of the thread on the tour.

    I guess some people have a lot of free time on their hands.
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