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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. My ultimate dream. Honestly M, go for whatever producer/soundscape you want, but do the writing with Pat.
  2. Not this again...
  3. Boring chat to be honest. Yeah she’s working with past producers of late occasionally but only while pushing her and their sound into brand new directions. Whether she works with Pat, Jellybean, Shep or bloody Babyface again don’t go expecting what you believe were her halcyon days.
  4. Errr... Yeah. I am. And I do...

    Not sure what your point is.
  5. Patrick Leonard himself said they’re in different headspaces now. The fans need to let that pipe dream go, it’s been literally thirty years.

    (Same for the people who start whining for Freddy Demann every time Guy Oseary so much as breathes in a way they don’t like. The man is eighty, and by all accounts basically retired. Lord knows he’s earned it.)
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  6. I don't recall seeing that she did part of Fever acapella
  7. Madonna vocoding every vocal including Prince's on Love Song.
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  8. Man relax. I’m sure if it was for her during the rebel heart tour older songs would have been discarded. Also she knows well when it’s time to change gears, or do you really think all the choices in her career were guided by her artistic will, because that is a fantasy. The American life flags vid is a example but there are many others that comes to my mind. Maybe to be forced is a strong expression, let’s say the market will show her the way. Next tour, if we will have one, will have more older songs. I’m not expecting a immaculate collection tour by the way...
  9. I need an Erotica 30th anniversary tour in 2022.
  10. Actually, he that despite being in different headspaces, he said that they could probably come up with something great if they worked together again.
  11. This is very true. Reinvention was essentially a Greatest Hits Tour. The set list alone - she dove deep into her back catalog:

    The Beast Within
    Express Yourself
    Burning Up
    Material Girl
    Hanky Panky
    Deeper and Deeper
    Bedtime Story
    Don't Tell Me
    Like a Prayer
    Into the Groove
    Papa Don't Preach
    Crazy for You
  12. It was actually her choice to add the older songs in (as well as the “request” section) because she felt the show was too dark.
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  13. I still wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you
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  14. When was that? Because he said this on Instagram right before Madame X was released:

  15. I believe Madonnatribe was granted an interview with him. It was one of the fan sites where he talked about doing scores. He didn’t shut the door on it, just basically said that he didn’t think she’d be interested and he hadn’t been doing pop music in a long time, just film scoring.

    Edit: here’s an article from 2013 where he says he would absolutely work with her again:

    Here he is last year saying he was going to reach out to her for his Madonna project to see if she would like to participate:

    He would like to work with her again...
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  16. I'd spend no less than $1K on a ticket to see that album performed in its entirety for its 30th. Hell, she could restage The Girlie Show
  17. This.
  18. With the exception of the Billboard article, these are all far less recent than the quote I posted. Seems he’s given up on the idea of them creating anything new together, since the project he intended to reach out to her for was simply reworking pre-existing tracks, and even then it wasn’t necessarily for her to work directly on it.
  19. Je suis prête.
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