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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Oh my god yessss
  2. They’re filming her first show after nearly a month, following a knee injury? Right... if it’s true maybe she is healed up after all.

    I’m perched to see what time she comes on stage.
  3. She’s still wearing a brace, so not so sure about her being totally healed. But this is the same company that worked on the World of Madame X documentary

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  4. Luc


    I hope we'll get the full show.. I'm not really interested in an other spiritual documentary!
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  5. Please do full Rescue Me for the recording mom.
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  6. They’ll film at least two shows as always.
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  7. This is the best news!
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  8. Madonna has to be the last artist that is diligent about recording and releasing her live tours and I'm so grateful.
  9. We shouldn't expect any setlist changes, right?
  10. Kylie is too.
  11. Who else is seeing the show in Lisbon? I’m going on the 16th and I’m getting really excited. I can’t believe it’s already time for the show because it feels like it was forever since I bought the tickets.
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  12. Sodade will be performed.
  13. They were smart to include it in her Live Nation contract. Although I feel like she would have done it anyway, it’s just nice to have some sort of “guarantee” that it’ll happen.

    I imagine (hope) they’ll be filming her rehearsals as well for close ups.
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  14. Wouldn’t her first four tours on streaming platforms be great.
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  15. Apparently she went on at 10pm sharp. Sodade was performed.
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  16. Very interested to see how this will be filmed and edited. Unlike the last few tours, there’s zero emphasis on the backdrops while she’s performing, with the exception of “Frozen”.

    Apparently there were several cameras on location – no word if they were obstructive to anyone’s views or if they did close ups.
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  17. I mean...all of them would be great?
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  18. Hoping for a very basic and raw approach (at least seemingly) without excessive filters and overdubs. It's been awhile since.
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  19. LOL

    I genuinely just want a pro-shot a la Lisbon Re Invention at this point. But she sure loves to turn up the brightness on her face and a bit of contrast & saturation filter to make our eyes bleed x
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