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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I've definitely preferred fan-shot videos on YouTube to her officially released concert films in recent years. Even if she just cut the number of edits by 50%, there'd be a massive improvement in watchability while still retaining the overall feel she's striving for.
  2. The Confessions DVD/CD really is the gold standard. It looks and sounds great and really captures the essence and energy of that show to the extent a recording can.
  3. There are several numbers where the projections extend beyond the stage and almost into the balconies (unless that was just the venue and wasn't intentional), I trust they'll get plenty of angles
  4. I hated the Living for Love edit on the Rebel Heart DVD. The constant change of costume was distracting
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  5. Agree, that and Like A Virgin are so distracting because of the costumes being different on the nights the show was filmed.
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  6. Looks like they are filming backstage as well

  7. I have questions. How is the resale policiy? Do they have this named ticket thing going on and if so do they follow through with it?

    Did anyone ever bought tickets on Ticketswap and the show was cancelled? How easy/hard is it to get refunded?
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  9. Sodade is back in and Papa Don’t Preach is out? I’m assuming the speech about a woman’s right to choose was also cut, then? If they kept the Papa string intro that leads into the costume change, that seems like an appropriately Madonna level of trolling.

    Didn’t Madonna say that Guy made her cut Sodade because the Fado section was dragging? I understand it reappearing for the Lisbon shows, but ultimately if these are what’s filmed, then I guess she ended up winning that fight. For the record, I agree with Guy.

    I don’t know if any professional footage exists of the incident but at a US date a man up in front said he disagreed with a woman’s right to choose and she told him to leave. What I would’ve given for that moment to be included in the official concert release...

    Is there anyone on this forum who’s attending a Lisbon date? Wondering if anything has been changed to accommodate the knee injury.
  10. The thing is though abortion and a woman’s right to choose isn’t really an issue in Europe the way it is in the US.
  11. LTG


    I stan Stevie’s close ups from Red Rocks, with her completely different hair.

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  12. Her voice sounds so velvety and gorgeous on Sodade
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  13. Apparently she is still in a lot of pain? I hope she isn't doing lasting damage forcing herself on stage etc.
  14. She had to be helped up the stairs the other night during one of the numbers, so not surprising. She still has her brace on.
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  15. I don't like to think of her in pain. Selfishly I'm thrilled the show was filmed as I can't see her performing like this for the next month.
  16. Yeah the show will probably be scaled down for her once the filming is in the bag. No point in totally fucking herself up.
  17. Does anybody know what time she goes on stage in Lisbon? I saw people already queuing a couple of hours ago when I walked pass the theatre. That seemed a bit unnecessary if she’s as late as usual?
  18. She went on right at 10pm opening night and 9:50 the night after that
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  19. Isn't it unnecessary to wait hours ahead of start when seating is allocated? Or are people hoping they can get moved forward? I'll be turning up for about 8.30 which is the doors open time on the ticket.
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