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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I’m so sorry x
    It really shouldn’t matter but I can’t help but worry about the mauling she’ll get in the press in the UK if she’s forced to cancel any shows. God forbid they actually focus on how she’s still pushing herself creatively and physically after nearly 40 years at the top.
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  2. She’s been really pushing herself at these shows. There’s been lots of talk of her limping around and being helped by dancers. Feel like the only reason she didn’t cancel sooner is because they were filming and it’s in Lisbon.
  3. I really got the feeling at the show last night that she was really pushing through because she just wanted to perform so bad. She even said something about her doctor advising her not to perform but she just had to bring the show to Lisbon.
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  4. I'm surprised that Live Nation UK have also just posted about her bringing the tour to the Palladium one week tomorrow. I really think she should just get some rest because she is clearly in a lot of pain, but if they are planning to go ahead with the rest of the shows then I guess we'll just have to buckle up dd.
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  6. Some people must be going out of their minds right now ddd
  7. They will have been pre-scheduled tweets I'm sure. I can imagine it being an unfortunate coincidence.
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  8. She really needs to cancel the rest of this tour, especially now it's been filmed.

    I have travel and hotel all booked for London but I really don't want her to do serious damage to herself by continuting with the tour when she's clearly not recovered.
  9. Not caring for this flippant tone right now.
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  10. Does anyone know about the musical interlude before Batuka on the tour? Was it made specifically for the tour?
  11. LPT


    Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments and messages. I'm heartbroken but knew deep down that it may not go ahead. I was working out in the hotel gym listening to her when the email came through and ran to the sauna to tell my husband. The pool was full of faguettes all getting the email at once and there was a lot of screaming in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish going on..

    My poor husband didn't know what to do and kept looking at me waiting to have a meltdown of sorts but I stayed calm. He was in tears as he knew how much I was looking forward to this evening - and even gave up his graduation (which was tomorrow) for the show.

    I've had an extremely lovely trip so far and the old me would of used this as an excuse to go binge drink (even more so) but I had my plan ready in place and contacted sponsor and we talked it all through -I'm 4 months sober. I'm thankful for being on this trip with no fighting with my husband because of my drinking etc so I'm really thankful.

    I really wanted to come in April for the record release So I could immerse myself in the world of Madame ❌ and experience where it was all born so I'm lucky enough to still do that now. I'm glad the show has been filmed so at least a DVD/broadcast will hopefully come out at some stage. I got tickets for Tuesday so let's see but I'm not holding my breath.

    Thank you again for thinking of me and your lovely comments- they've brought me to tears whilst trying to keep it together.
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  12. At this point, someone needs to sit her down and tell her the rest of the tour is cancelled. She’s going against doctors advice. Where the fuck is Guy?

    I’ve got tickets for Feb 6th in London and I’m really not going to feel comfortable seeing her limping around in pain. Having said that, it’ll be the 8th show out of the 15, and the third consecutive show that week, so I’m fully expecting it to be cancelled even if the tour continues.
  13. Luc


    I feel like they should accept the fact that with her injuries she cannot do multiple shows in a row and should reconfigure the rest of the tour to what she can do.
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  14. RJF


    This tour... should never have been as big as it ended up being. Seven to eight shows in seven to eight major cities and done.
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  15. I mean she could tour extensively but she needs to realise she’s not 50 anymore. She’s sixty and yoga poses in a spinning wheel aren’t really the best for your bod night after night. It needs to be stripped back ASAP.
  16. Exactly! Especially because it is so heavily based around the new album which limits its audience to her most dedicated fans.

    Then later they could have done an arena tour with fewer Madame X songs and more older hits. With arena tours she has more days off in between shows.
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  17. Or alternatively if she wanted to do so many nights of a theatre tour in a row, it should have been more based around singing with a changing set list with some rare tracks.
  18. I kind of had this fantasy of her just sitting on stage with a simple, tasteful set, a glass of wine, telling stories and singing songs. More along the lines of the Tears of a Clown show in Australia. And maybe that will still happen some day. Either way, I'm beyond grateful to have seen the show she gave us with this album - to have even gotten this album. Almost forty years in and she's still working hard to show us a good time and to challenge us. We're very lucky. I could name a few artists out there right now who are at their peaks and don't put in a tenth of the energy and thought Madonna puts in now. Imagine what they'll be doing at sixty.
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  19. Was Guy behind the extra dates? Who made the decision to add a ton more. Madonna signed off on it but surely someone was scouting for demand.
  20. Guy has nothing to do with adding dates, etc. that’s all Live Nation. I imagine they wanted to get all they could out of her since this is her last contracted tour with them.
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