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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the show yeasterday, so I’m not complaing even if I had tickets for tonight too. I spoke with Daniele (the dancer) outside the Coloseu right after I received the email, and he told me he has basically no idea what will happen next week or for the rest of the tour.
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  2. You're so lucky! I find him so hot
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  3. They could have gotten around that problem though by doing as I suggested a limited number of theatre dates followed by an arena tour with more older material and more time off between dates.
  4. Same here. I would rather she rest though.
  5. I mean... I hope she’s well but she knows deep inside her soul that we have a date together in a couple a weeks. I know she’s really sorry she’s gonna have to skip your dates so she’s on top form for our reunion... but a queen gotta do what a queen gotta do.
    She’s my mom. It’s just what moms do.
    We’re really sorry guys.
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  6. I’ve bought tickets for Tuesday and extended my trip...

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  7. He’a also very nice and friendly with everybody!
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  8. Isn’t Guy begins Uber and a bunch of million making companies now? Madonna is hardly his priority / money-making client now. He’s not even attending the tour.
  9. He’s actually been there with her in Lisbon dd. He’s attended a few shows throughout, but not all like he used to.
  10. I didn’t see him and I’ve seen most of the crew. Good to know.
  11. He is hot as f-
  12. Eh, she’s pretty good about tagging where the videos were filmed. Also we have footage of the L.A. and New York prayers, which are the only other shows Guy has attended as far as I’m aware.
  13. I did eventually book my London travel and accommodation regardless of my cancellation fears. I have mates I’m overdue seeing anyway so it’ll be a cute excursion even if Madame cancels. I’m in the boat of wanting to see her tonnes of course, but not wishing her more pain.
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  14. I have tickets to shows 2,3 & 4 in London. I haven't seen Madonna live since 2006 and I have SO been looking forward to this trip, which is also to celebrate my birthday. I have plane tickets and several nights at a hotel near the Palladium, both non refundable.

    That said, I still hope she cancels rather then performing in such pain. I am also worried about the damage she might be doing to her body if she continues like this.
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  15. What’s so frustrating about this is that the best parts of the show are the ones where she sits down or barely moves at all like Frozen and Extreme Occident.
    But a knee injury hurts regardless I guess.
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  16. There seems to be a pattern with the 3rd night in a row being too much for Madonna to go ahead with due to pain. She has a few days off which may help ease her knee, but then 2 shows in a row basically triggers the pain in her knee, leaving her in severe pain the day of the third show.
    Clearly she needs a long rest and medical attention before it can heal properly, I was hopeful the Christmas period might have been enough time to heal but clearly not. I'm supposed to see her on the 29th Jan but I wouldn't blame her if she decides to cancel the rest of the tour now.
    She's filmed the show so I'm happy to wait for the blu ray / DVD and watch from there, but obviously I'm still really excited to see the show if it goes ahead.
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  17. There's a fan who travelled from Canada to NY, Boston and Lisbon and 6 out of 8 shows were canceled.
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  18. Damn.
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