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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Personally I thought she should have returned to the 50 or so dates over three months format she had on “Drowned World Tour”, “Re-Invention Tour” and “Confessions Tour”, I definitely think it would’ve benefited her more and like you said, an intimate theatre tour did not need this many dates, nor did it need the big choreography she still seems to be doing.
  2. There’s no way she’s going to get through 15 London shows. I’ve got tickets for the 4th and have resigned myself to the fact it’s probably not going to happen. I guess I’m one of the luckier ones though as I live in London so haven’t booked flights, hotels etc.
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  3. I flew out from the UK for a long weekend in Lisbon with this tour as the excuse for a little holiday. On the way to the theatre last night a restaurant owner stopped me to say the show had been cancelled so why don’t I come inside and eat at his establishment instead. “Nice try” I thought. Wah, it was true. Really disappointed as I loved this album and the idea of seeing her in a more intimate space but as everyone else has already said she should really postpone the rest of the tour and take care of her health.

    Also, my air bnb here has fleas. Cursed trip.
  4. I hope they take a serious and considerate look at the situation and have a decision soon. I mean I am in France anyway and it is a nice coincidence the show is at the same time and that I got tickets so I am not losing anything. But many people are actually traveling and could change plans and save a whole lot of money.

    I know Madame X is a fighter and not one to give up easily. But Madame X is human and she needs to accept the fact. We don't know the exact constitution of her knee (and probably hip now). But Madame X' fans have eyes and they see Madame X is not well.

    And even thoug I am in Paris I'd still like to make other plans if it is not happening. We will see. Just want the best for everybody involved really.
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  5. She's apparently visibly in pain doing the shows, I can't believe she's still carrying on. We like to view Madonna as almost superhuman, but she needs downtime and a lot of it. The people around her need to stop thinking about the fucking money.
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  6. I went to see her on Saturday in Lisbon and it was a show I will never forget, but her pain was obvious to see and it made me uncomfortable. I traveled for the concert though so I know how lucky I am that our show went ahead.
    She mentioned her pain several times, and her saying something along the lines that she could not cancel the Lisbon shows as this is where Madame X was born, made me think that London and Paris are no definites.
  7. Obviously nothing is definite as much as she wants to survive Lisbon.

    Again - the situation as it is is terrible for everybody involved.
  8. I really hope for her sake (as well as everyone with tickets) she takes the break she needs and postpones London and Paris in full and soon. Flights and accommodation booked for a 3rd night in a row show well into the London residency *cries*, so I know I won't be seeing her. A slightly extended break before Lisbon clearly wasn't enough. She needs to look after herself.
  9. It’s hilarious that according to you Madonna isn’t cancelling tour dates because of an awful leg injury but because of the prices tickets are going for on reseller sites. Doesn’t exactly make sense.
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  10. Just wanted to add her vocals were out of this world amazing on the vocally demanding songs on Saturday, first tour of hers I've actually said 'wow great vocals' multiple times during the show. I'd kill for a small acoustic set with the band that warms the crowd, their Who's That Girl gave me chills!
  11. Especially since Paris sales seem very healthy besides maybe the extra dates and even they are not exactly empty.
  12. Getting a notification from this thread is a trip every single time from now on.
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  13. Agreed. Vocally she was amazing Saturday (which pleased me as I had 3 skeptical friends with me which never saw her live before). She also seemed in a very good mood. One of the best times I've seen her, even despite the obvious pain she was in.
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  14. I feel so lucky for having seen this tour in Lisbon, but maybe because of that I feel terribly bad because of the cancelation last night. Some of my friends couldn't get to see her, and how amazing this show is. There were people about to cry and even crying at the doors.

    They say an ambulance was seen there around 5pm, so this sounds really bad. I am reading now a lot of opinions "she should cancel the whole tour", "she should do the show on a chair"... and I have no idea of what she "should" do.

    On a positive note, how beautiful the Portuguese set is. Come Alive, Killers, Batuka... those songs from Madame X nobody cared about were extremely well received. Guess those didn't work in the USA or will/would work in Paris or London, but in Portugal felt like the best she's ever done.
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  15. Do we know what that song is that she sung with the grand child of (fado legend I’m to basic to remember) on guitar?
  16. Extreme Occident. Gaspar Varela, great grandson of Celeste Rodrigues, looks so cute on the set, "spinning in circles".

    Or do you mean Fado Pechincha?
  17. Fado Pechincha yes! Thanks
  18. The Fado Club section was actually reported as being the highlight at all the US shows early on in the tour. I know it definitely was at my show.
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  19. Glad to hear, it was on this forum I read people were yelling "this is nice, but play Holiday!!!", so I was worried about the general public enjoying the show or at worse ruining my personal experience.

    It amazes me the bunch of people that spend 300 euros on a gig but they don't actually listen to the album that names the tour. There were lots of them in Lisbon too.
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  20. I feel so bad for Madonna. It is heart breaking because it truly feels like this has been the most important thing to her in ages.
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