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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Ok I've just had a massive catch up with Nottingham Icon Charity Shop Sue who is at the club to see Nina West tonight. She's as big a Madonna fan as I am and went to see Mom in Lisbon earlier this week. Luckily it was on the night she performed. She's said the show is soooo so so good and has booked to see her again in London but is worried about the the dreaded cancellation. She got me so frickin hyped and now the fear has set in.
  2. Crazy thing happened today. I was having lunch in this Mexican restaurant in Lisbon and noticed Guy Oseary sitting two tables down from me. On my way out I spoke to him and said I was in town for the show. When I mentioned I had tickets for last night he was so apologetic. I asked if it was likely she’d perform tomorrow and he seemed hopeful and said he’d be down at the Coliseum regardless.

    He was very sweet actually, asked about where I was from and I met his wife too. I told him to pass on my love to M. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  3. Yas
  4. I have to wonder if this really is just about a recent injury, or also about the compounding effect of years of endless touring and insanely athletic and increasingly punishing choreography. I started to notice a stiffness in her movement and the way she held herself back in the MDNA days. Perhaps it was just the natural aging process. But at this stage, you start to wonder if she'll ever tour again if she doesn't swallow her pride and postpone the rest of this tour. I hope she finds some meaningful relief from this pain. It sounds excruciating and must be so upsetting.
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  5. Honestly I'm starting to think this is my fault because every time I start to think about buying a ticket, a show gets cancelled. Like, literally I was talking to my flatmates about how I was about 75% sure I was gonna just bite the bullet and go for a London show, despite all the cancellations... and a couple of hours later she cancelled. Clearly I'm cursing it and I can only apologise.
  6. I mean, she has been dancing and throwing herself all over the place for 40 years. Prince had a hip replacement and died from painkiller overdose. That's why it's incredibly important she takes care of herself and doesn't cause any permanent injury. I'm actually terrified for her.
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  7. The show she canceled in Lisbon yesterday was the second one in a row.
  8. Dancing in high heels for at least 2.5 hours a show/rehearsal -- sometimes 3 times a week -- PLUS having a stage full of stairs is a recipe for disaster no matter the age of the artist
  9. This is always outrageous to me. They spend hundreds of dollars on a ticket but don’t listen to the album being promoted in advance, and then they get mad when it’s not an 83-00 set list. If you’re spending that money, know what you’re getting into, know what kind of artist you’re going to see. Do your homework! And if you don’t and it’s not the show you expected - stick around. Get your money’s worth. Or else all you’ve done is taken a seat from someone who would have happily sung along with every single song.
  10. And for her first five tours she wore flats or a large heel for most of the dancing. I always thought the heels limited her movement.
  11. The 50something couple I sat beside at Rebel Heart asked if "she's any good live" I was so aghast I didn't even respond
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  12. A performer of Madonna's profile is going to attract interest from people that aren't fans. I don't think that's a bad thing.

    Also, it's not worth getting hung up over what a small number of casual concert attendees are saying.
  13. I swear I'm not doom-mongering here but for her own sake, it really would be the best option to cancel the rest of the tour so she can properly heal. It would drive her nuts to do it, but I would much rather she actually take time to recover
  14. I'm with you on this. She could use the downtime on writing songs, really pouring her frustration into music. I do feel bad for her but I do wish she didn't go against doctors' orders. I've noticed her legs look much, much less muscular than in the past. Less muscle means more strain on joints and it enhances the possible pre-existing degeneration from decades of dancing. A vicious cycle. I believe she gave up on working out the way she had done for years when she moved to Portugal, no? Also, the long downtime she must have had after the procedure obviously did her no good in that respect. The current situation seems like a sum of many unfortunate parts.
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  15. I also wish that she postponed London and Paris at this point. I'd rather wait for a rescheduled run when she's feeling better than be cancelled upon at the last minute and never be able to see the show. I understand why she wants to carry on and the implications of rescheduling 30 shows, but this is starting to feel like a game of Russian roulette with her fans (and her own health!).

    Let's see how this last 3-day run in Lisbon goes.
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  16. When she gets ready and you just see her legs I did have a moment of “they are so small and tiny, she is so small and human, our mom!!” and it was so cute and also bittersweet.

    Have I mentioned my super highlight was American Life? Whew a song!
  17. Sweet!
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  18. I agree, I couldn't really believe my ears on saturday. She was perfect and I really hope at least the audio from that show was recorded. This tour more than the tours from the past derserves a serious live album.
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  19. Le't get one thing clear. She wasn't at the venue on sunday. The ambulance was there becase when there are shows with so many people there's always an abulance outside the venue. The ambulance left right after they announced the show was cancelled, I was there and I saw the ambulance leeaving and clearly nobody was inside.
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  20. Oh, good lord. Are we forgetting the fact that she fell and injured herself back in July and continued on with rehearsals, never having time to properly recover? Add to the fact that she went straight on tour after that and hasn’t had any real downtime since.
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