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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. 2pm and still radio silence about whether she’ll perform. I really can’t face another last minute cancellation.
  2. The girls behind me weren't ready for the rap verse. I think it peeled my skin clean off
  3. This is actually the worst part. The ..outside the auditorium doors..and cancelled.
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  4. LPT


    We got the email at 7.49pm on Sunday night. I expect a similar time schedule. It says on their conditions that it is their policy to let people know 90 minutes before show time (or was it door time?). Either way - sir tonight for another 5 hours.
  5. I doubt it has to anything to do with butt implants. She has had many injuries over the years.
    I do think when she was relaxing in Portugal she wasn’t working out as much and gained weight, then when she went back to strenuous exercise to lose weight she got injured because her body got out of the habit of that kind of exercise. It has happened to some famous athletes, such as Serena Williams and Allyson Felix. When they took time off for pregnancy and where’re working out a lot and then tried to go quickly back into strenuous training they had injuries.
  6. It seems she may have filmed one of those famous living room sessions she’s spoken about last night. That’d be a cute bonus feature for the DVD.
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  7. Have been avoiding this thread in case of spoilers. Does anyone know if she's filmed any shows yet for a DVD?
  8. Yes.
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  9. A mess actually, since the living room session was yesterdasy night. The night after she cancelled a show last minute becase she wasn't felling well and after she said at saturday's show that the doctor prescribed her bed rest.
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  10. Was she doing choreography in her living room?
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  11. LPT


    The walking cane though. Oh dear.
  12. I least stay on brand and do bathroom sessions huh?
  13. Dd, actually....

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  14. She looks so beautiful here but that cane.....she has to cancel the rest of the tour.
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  15. I would not mind one bit if she would perform the whole show sitting on a chair, to be honest.
    Actually, I would prefer that knowing about her injury.
  16. RJF


    Mum with a cane........... my heart
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  17. Well she posted a video where she was dancing, so yes.
  18. Watching her walk with a cane makes me really sad.
  19. Didn’t we all feel the same watching the video for Me Against The Music?
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