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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. This is the problem with her ticket prices - casual fans who aren't very wealthy are immediately turned off - which means some fanatics face the choice of going alone or not going at all.
  2. Does anyone know a sugar daddy who could gift me tix?!
  3. It's not like other popstars are cheaper. Madonna was never Streisand.
  4. RJF


    Nah, each time I've seen Madonna she's easily been the most expensive artist I've got tickets for. I paid £125 for mid-tier seats in 2015 and I think floor seats were £250.

    I do wonder how things will go this time around though. I think the eye-watering price bracket for an artist who has toured as frequently as Madonna kind of punctured the Rebel Heart Tour's gross potential. You combine the fact that she's notorious for being not giving the locals what they want and it slowed demand somewhat. Didn't @Vasilios confirm they had more dates ready to announce in Glasgow and London but never had any need to put them on sale?

    What I'm saying is: nosebleeds for £60 please, mum. Although the pricing pattern with big names recently has been to have an insane curve where there's maybe eight seats available for the lowest tier and everything else is pretty much the same sky-high price. So we'll see... but I think I might have to swerve this time around...
  5. I always do standing, and the prices are similar with Beyonce etc. Yes she was expensive back in 2001 and 2004, but now everybody is pretty expensive.
  6. Other pop stars I’ve seen have never been more than £75 for General Admission
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  7. That's what I usually pay more or less in Italy for her shows. Now, england is WAY more expensive with tickets for big acts. That's a different story.
  8. Ugh I’m broke as fuck at the moment, hope they don’t go on sale for a few weeks.
  9. 8F224514-3DB5-4D48-AE07-03BF31136649.jpeg £200 got me this close to her on the Rebel Heart Tour, but then a third of the show was cut so I did leave feeling frustrated.
    I think I’m going to attend the London show this time, as this is usually the one that has to go right in terms of press / media coverage.
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  10. I need a few weeks to prepare!! Fingers-crossed these don’t go on sale Wednesday :-/
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  11. I really hope she only does arenas this time. I’m so over stadium shows.
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  12. I think she'll go the opposite way.
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  13. Probably. Stadium gigs can be amazing, but I’ve always felt her shows are far more suited to arenas.
  14. Is this tour in arenas or even smaller venues on multiple nights as part of a traveling residency?
    I feel she is over the stadium thing. She wants to do something more personal and intimate.
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  15. This also could be my first ever Madonna tour. I hope it's arenas.
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  16. Me too!
    Come to Ireland Queen!!!

    When do you all think this is gonna actually happen? This year or next?
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  17. I hope it's arenas but I can see stadiums.

    I hope it's at most same price as before but I can see it being ridiculous (atrocious decision after the EROSION she caused last tour with the pricing and being late etc).

    I hope it's a big tour but I can see it being London, Manchester and one Irish date.

    Either way. Bye wig!
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  18. Drain my bank account mother
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  19. I’m usually being paid on 9th. Oh well!
  20. If it’s stadiums, I’m not bothering.
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