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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Hilarious!

    I can see both sides though BUT hey 11:05pm is hardly late. Geez the 2nd Sydney 2016 show finished at 1:45am - the UK would literally go into meltdown.
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  2. And during a film about slavery.
  3. We literally wouldn’t have stuck around.
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  4. These 'but one Dr Alban show finished at 4:56 in Mozambique in 1998' comments... no.
  5. The second Sydney show actually finished around 2:30am/3am... Metadata on my phone from a video I took during Unapologetic Bitch shows 2:33.
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  6. She obviously shouldn't be so tardy to the party but the only people worse off here are the ones going to the show, and they're the only ones who have the right to complain or have complaints made on their behalf. The 'local residents' rich enough to live by the fucking Palladium can rot teebs
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  7. Well that’s London now on her no-go list alongside Glasgow then. Iconic.

    I’m so glad she’s been reigned in.
  8. LTG


    We got a little cover of Sound of Silence with just mum sat on the edge of the stage and someone playing a guitar off stage. Iconic night.
  9. Oh f*ck - was it THAT late! Wow!
  10. Short show or long show for 06-Feb London?
  11. LTG


    Short. She said something along the lines of “I’ve got an injury so you’ve got two choices: a short show or no show. So shut the fuck up.”
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  12. I kinda love her use of the F word! Funny lady.
  13. I was exhausted and not having fun and left early. Worst concert of my life.
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  14. Sydney? Show 2?

    Yeah I noticed a few people leaving around Material Girl. And because she talked so much in this show, and was also doing a lot of filming/extra angles for the DVD - the show went on forever.
  15. Sound Of Silence was a moment. 2 verses and 2 choruses. Totally impromptu. Amazing.
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  16. Madonna vs The Palladium : The Sequel

    Madame X was not in the mood for shit tonight! Animated, defiant, humorous and just ever so slightly pissed off about last night, this was another show to remember.

    Instead of the Beer Chat, Madonna performed The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, and more recently covered by Bananarama.

    During an abridged Polaroid sale (to a person Madonna called “Attic”), Madonna referenced last night and wondered if tonight she would be escorted off in handcuffs!

    She also had some words to complaining fans online (most of whom aren’t at the shows) who have been complaining about there being two versions of the show, and don’t want to accept that Madonna is suffering two injuries and things have had to change.

    “Yes, there are two versions of my show. As if you didn’t know, I am suffering very badly from injuries, so your choices are a slightly shorter show or no show. What would make you fucking happy? Any bitches complaining can kiss my ass.”

    The audience roared “show” obviously, to a deafening roar.

    Tribe reported this was the reasons for the show with three less songs last week (not 5,6 or even 8 as exaggerated online) however a handful of fans have started their own conspiracy theories, so it was great to have the official word.

    Another official word was regarding last night, where venue security reconfirmed what Tribe reported : the curfew is 11pm, with a grace period of 15 minutes, to 11.15pm, hence why Madonna has often finished her show between 11 and 11.15 in her Palladium run so far. For reasons unknown, the grace period was not fully permitted last night. We can only speculate why, or perhaps we rise above it and can move on.

    Other highlights of a fast paced action packed show:

    American Life took the brunt of Madonna’s pent up energy - rather than complete the rap she screamed and the placed screamed with her.

    In her usual spiel before the Fado song wirh Gaspar, Madonna commented that as well as being a singer and artist, she was a storyteller, and it was hard to tell stories against a stopwatch! So she gave a bullet pointed version of the story very quickly.
  17. Shit I thought people meant Dami Im's Eurovision song:

  18. Thankfully the lateness is distracting from what she said about Canada this week.

    Madonna's controversial comments around Blonde Ambition and Erotica seem well placed. I have to admit that in 2020 her recent comments just come across as ill-thought.
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  19. Well shut that fucking door, she was amazing tonight.
  20. I’m obsessed with her antics lately. Still delivering almost 40 years into her career. No one will ever come close to her.
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