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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I mean people are dreadful, we are antisocial. It's a lethal combo.
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  2. The phone ban did make people much more social though. People were talking to those sat near them and it was so refreshing.
  3. Such weird behaviour in a venue like this. Someone did that about 4 rows in front of me when she did Argentina at my gig, which pissed off loads of people and completely blocked my view - I had to then stand to see past him which I didn’t want to do because it may have blocked people behind me as well. Fortunately during Frozen they sat down during the first verse.

    Don’t really get how standing when everyone else is sitting makes the performance better? Don’t really get the glee in making the experience worse for other people?
  4. It's a balance between well I want to enjoy the experience of it and going with the crowd. From the other angle if other people don't want to stand why are they more important? I lost my temper with her as I actually sat down after she complained but she still carried on whining. I think theatres aren't the best places for concerts for that reason. People lose the ability to let themselves go. I really am not the kind of person who enjoys intentionally pissing people off but I do get wound up when people try to demand how you act.
  5. Oh god.
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  6. Some of y'all sound as shitty as the people you're describing, honestly.
  7. It’s not that people choosing to sit are more important, it’s that their decision won’t ruin the view for other people when they're in the minority. Not everyone needs to “let themselves go” in the same way as you to enjoy a gig.
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  8. No, obviously they don't. But if I decided to sit a song out and someone in front of me was enjoying the moment because maybe it's their favourite I wouldn't demand they sit down. I'd have to suck it up.
  9. Luckily (or so I thought), I was at the back with the sound desk behind me. But it didn't stop someone from another row running up to me and jumping on me during Like A Prayer!?

    In a way, I hope this series of concerts goes down in history with rumours of breakdowns and orgies in the audience like the Ziggy Stardust tour.
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  10. As soon as people stood it just blocked half the stage out. If people just sit you can see the entire stage. Someone stood alone in front of me during Frozen, I thought it was an odd choice. Makes sense towards the end when the show when it loosens up at bit.
  11. Like A Prayer was clearly the stand up moment to be honest. The show really feels like a proper theatre show so it makes sense to sit down really. I sat down for Frozen just to take it all in and watch it.
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  12. I felt there was a good mix of up and down songs. I wanted to bop to Vogue, I don't search, Medellin, Like a prayer obviously. Frozen yeah wasn't a dance track but I wanted to enjoy the experience of swaying to it.
  13. I mentioned before you need to use common sense and read the room. I was in the stalls and people stood for most of the show, other than Frozen, Extreme Occident and a couple of others. If you’re the only person standing and blocking everyone else’s view during a slowie like Frozen, perhaps you’re the one at fault. On the other hand somebody asking you to sit down during Like a Prayer or’s just not realistic.
  14. It was nice to actually watch Frozen from the upper circle and not cry hysterically from the back of the stalls and see it blurry through tears lol
  15. I really enjoyed when the live musicians came on before the show. They did fado versions of Secret, Don’t Tell Me, Like a Virgin & Who’s That Girl and we all sang along. Honestly, I wish she’d added those renditions of Secret & Don’t Tell Me into the fado club section.
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  16. acl


    The should I stand at a concert is always a huge dilema for me and a cause of so much anxiety. I don't want to block and spoils someone's view behind me as, despite my problematic post yesterday, I am a caring person and would hate to upset anyone. Also I'm short so my view is often blocked at standing gigs, and I have had to accept that it is not the fault of the people in front blessed with more height.

    Then there is often the case when an artist is telling everyone to get up and dance. In which case it feels disrespectful to them not to do so.

    Being in the circle in Brighton to see Faithless years ago and having to remain seated killed the whole concert for me. So I always go for stalls and if I can't, I just dont go. Madame X's sneeky trick of assigning random seats when booking last year is what landed me in the circle last night which is why I had to ruin my overdraft and buy a 2nd in the stalls, when more went on sale, to balance out the disapoinment I knew I would have undoubtedly felt.

    In my case last night when it became apparent that 99.9% of people were firmly seated I had to allow myself one song and felt for the £300+ I had paid it was acceptable. I can't sit to Reggaeton - especially not a Mirawais and Madonna take on It so I was like "I'm so sorry I have to dance to this one" to the couple behind and then thanked and apologised after and sat down again until Like A Prayer - which everyone stood for because, to not would be blasphemous??? The couple behind were so nice though and were all "don't worry it's fine" which was really sweet of them.

    Remaining seated for come alive and batuka though, phew, that was a real test.

    It's hard for everyone though and I guess it's just down to concert luck, like being unlucky and sat next to loud rowdy drunk brits. If you prefer to sit and you have someone dancing in front of you that can damage your enjoyment as much as set next "rowdy drunk brits" . If you feel compelled to stand and everyone else is seated then also your experience can be tarnished similarly. It's unfortunate and sad but I guess thats how life often is and you just gotta deal with it and move on.
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  17. aux


    Some of you sound so arrogant.
  18. If you feel the need to tell someone to fuck off at a concert (especially when both of you have paid £400 approximately each to be there!) the night is more or less ruined for both of you in my book. It's aggressive and stressful for all involved. Trying to control the behaviour of complete strangers in such an environment is pointless, it's better to try and keep your cool and zone out. I get it because I generally find Madonna concert audiences really disappointing so I make sure I am in my focused bubble as much as possible.

    Plus if it even matters it's not exactly the message that the whole 'Madame X' project is trying to convey is it?

    On a different note I felt really bad for a guy in front of me on Saturday night who had to go out with security because he was wearing a fitbit type thing (in the middle of Frozen!) I think they thought it was a recording device, poor guy. He was there with his friend of partner, both of them clearly and quietly enjoying the concert up until then.
  19. I was wondering about this - the vocals really seemed like a step-up from the last tour.
  20. I sit down at concerts too. I actually love it to be honest. The relaxation of it all.
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