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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I feel really lucky at the night we were at- not sure how but the woman behind me knew I was dying to get dance so a few times she patted my shoulder and said in my ear “Don’t worry about me, you can dance if you want.”
    I still didn’t though unless other people were. There wasn’t a huge amount of dancing where I was, but plenty of singing- which suits me fine!
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  2. I'm full on in a gig. I have zero inhibitions. I love nothing more than a moshpit or jumping up and down. I've always found Madonna concerts to be very inhibited so it was unusual to find it like that. I'm used to her screaming 'come on motherfuckers' and everyone going mental. But it was what it was. Maybe I was a bit rude in hindsight but there's nothing I can do about it now. But I do feel people shouldn't impose their standards on others.
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    There's no maybe about being "a bit rude". Telling someone to fuck off instead of actually understanding that the people behind you can't see is rude. They probably paid the same amount of money you did, so they're just as entitled to see Madonna as you. You probably ruined that woman's night, especially since Frozen was one of those moments in the show that everyone was seated.

    The fact that you came in and posted about telling someone to fuck off, almost as if you're proud of yourself... sis.

    I would understand this behaviour if everyone was standing up during the song, and it just so happens to be the person behind you wants everyone to sit down, but even then in that case I certainly wouldn't tell them to "fuck off".
  5. As I said, I said it as I did as she asked but she still kept on complaining. It was a heat of the moment thing. It wasn't my finest hour granted but I doubt I ruined her night.
  6. I vastly prefer to sit at concerts. I'm still getting my life, believe me. But sitting is more enjoyable for me. I accept that standing is "the thing" so I'll do it if it means seeing the stage.

    I had to stand at MDNA because the people in front of me stood up. The guy behind me actually nudged me and called me a "f---ing idiot" for standing (I didn't sit down). I don't know what he expected.
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  7. For me it depends on the type of music. I like to stand if an artist is doing uptempo dance or rock songs so I can dance to the music. . But I don’t see a good reason to stand during Frozen. Her show is over 2 hours so it’s tiring to stand the whole time.
  8. My fave is half sitting ddd. When you stand but lean with your butt in your chair a bit. Best of both mum worlds.
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  9. I still scream at going to the artRAVE and a twink a few along from me was wearing a full Ancient Greek outfit and a homophobic dad a few rows back shouted "SIT THE FUCK DOWN JULIUS CAESAR" (2 seconds later Gaga told us all to stand the fuck up as she went into the second song, so gay rights prevailed)
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  10. There were rowdy drunk twats when I saw Tori Amos' Gold Dust tour (with an orchestra). I just gave them dirty looks all evening.

    It's a simple thing called respect.
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  11. I’ve been called worse.
  12. I



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  13. Was it @letuinmybackdoor
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  14. Me.
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  15. Everyone sat for the whole show bar Like A Prayer where I was. And frankly if you were able to get up for that and didn’t you didn’t deserve to be there.

    One drunk guy kept trying to heckle her the whole night a few rows back, saying she was too far away and the guy who bought the Polaroid used fake money. The rest was unintelligible noises.
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  16. This is so correct.

    Also sit down people if everybody else does. No Frozen justifies you to block other people’s views - which you ALWAYS do in a theatre.

    Next topic: How to make gay guys stop howling every word of her songs louder than her herself at Lana Del Rey shows/during slow pop girl songs in general.
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  17. In Lisbon we were always standing, bar Extreme and Frozen. And I loved being sit and it’s weird for me at a Madonna’s show. In Italy (but basically everywhere in Europe) we have general standing without seats like in the UK and it’s part of the experience in an arena. I could never sit in an arena show, but this one was a different beast.
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  18. It's definitely a "read the room" thing. You have to go with the vibe of the crowd, the artist, the set, the venue. I don't think I've ever seen folks sit down for extended periods at arena shows.
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  19. Same.
  20. Okay Grandpa!
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