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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Surely she’ll have one more tour before quitting the road if the injury heals enough?

    I can’t see this being her final tour I think she’s due one more big one (in terms of venues, not dates) before bowing out.
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  2. Could be that too (but I meant 'Iron curtain'!).
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  3. She would make an absolute fortune and sell out if she did one big final tour, but I can’t see it happening to be honest.
  4. Of course she will be back on tour in the future. Don’t you know her? She’s not dying you know.
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  5. She'll be back on the road, but it won't be a "farewell tour", that's so not her style. Whenever she feels inspired again, she'll start making new music and tour it. And that tour will be all about the new music.
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  6. I’m not sure if she’ll market it or call it a ‘farewell’ either but I think the advertisements and stuff would potentially be like ‘your last chance to see Madonna’ etc etc.
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  7. Just turn 'tour show'-type performances into Netflix films or films with short theatrical runs (it would be crucial not to lose the performance aspect of her career and it would essentially double as a video album kind of thing) and then do mini-residences or live streamed one-offs whenever.
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  8. I mean, this is her final tour under the Live Nation contract. Whether she’ll re-up or not remains to be seen, but she’s been talking about slowing down for a minute and wanting to create theatre shows/residencies.
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  9. I can’t see her touring for much longer to be honest, or at least I can’t see her touring as we know it. 80+ dates is clearly becoming more strenuous for her. She might start doing limited dates in arenas and stadiums every few years.
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  10. All of this.
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  11. I’m going to sound so selfish, but I’m still in awe I got to witness it.
    What a show, what an icon.
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  12. A permanent residency in NYC like Billy Joel or Springsteen on Broadway would be cool.
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  13. What sort of contracts do they even offer now? 360s don’t even exist anymore... thank god.
  14. Vegas
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  15. Honestly, I know Vegas residencies scream a career comedown, but I honestly wouldn’t be that disappointed or anything if Madonna did do a Vegas residency. A residency would be more practical for her anyway, and imagine the visuals and staging she could do if it didn’t have to be taken over and hauled across the world. There are other places she can do a residency, but the most successful ones tend to be in Vegas.

    I’m not saying I really want it to happen, I just wouldn’t be that disappointed. But she’ll never do it anyway.
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  16. Ddd she will never settle in Vegas. Not because of its reputation, but because she can’t stand it there. She’ll end up in Paris or London.
  17. [​IMG]

  18. And
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  19. Too bad since Vegas has way better staging and the best set designers in the business not to mention how much money she’d be making. She could also still do residencies abroad. Janet did shows outside the US during hers. Madonna has said she wouldn’t do a lot of things and then ends up doing them so. Never say never.
  20. Vegas has remained a constant throughout her career. She even hates having to stop her tours there; the audiences suck, not to mention the environment is incredibly damaging to the voice and body.
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