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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Yes, they’re done.
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  2. My god it felt like she'd been doing this tour for 18 months.
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    It would’ve been 93 shows if she’d done all the shows including the 18 that were cancelled. She actually did 75 in the end. So it works out at 80% shows done (of varying length) and 20% cancelled. Also 5 of the completed shows were rescheduled from their original date. So 75% of the shows went ahead as planned on the originally announced date.
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  5. Honestly, hats off to her for pushing through and doing as many shows as she could, even if it meant dragging her leg behind her – literally and metaphorically. A lot of artists would have cancelled (and would have been smart to) the entire tour and/or postponed to a later date after they were healed. Hope she takes the remainder of the year to rest and recover properly.
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    I think 80% completion for a popstar in her sixties as active as Madonna is on stage, when the injury happened before the tour even started, is good going. But MESS I guess.
  7. I mean it's how it was completed too. The entire European leg was basically a coin toss until the evening of any given show.
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  9. I still can’t believe a) I saw this cursed tour, b) I saw the full set, and c) I got a huge upgrade in seats.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. I still can’t believe it was my show that started off all the chaos. The 45 minutes cancellation notice will literally go down in history. And somehow it actually made my holiday better because of how much was at stake. The payoff of eventually seeing her was insane. Her MIND etc.
  12. It was such a weird experience for me. I was standing in line, by myself, fully prepared to stare at the theater for hours cause I ain't talking to strangers, maybe go get a cocktail if it was taking too long, but as I was taking my seat an announcement came on that Madonna would take the stage soon. All I thought was "sure it's 9.30, she'll be coming on any moment now I'm sure" and then 5 minutes after I took my seat the lights dimmed. There she was, a fucking superstar in this tiny theater, giving a vocally sublime performance. Complaining about that damn iron curtain, when she has always been the one to say fuck you to rules, actually having to succumb to the rules. And loving every second of her complaining about it cause she wouldn't be Madonna without it.

    We sure have given the show shit for "oh you can't transpord the 1 stair she has". And I agree, seeing the show it was simple, but god did she give her best performance. I may be lucky I saw the first show in London and she was in extra good spirits. But that'll always be one of my favorite shows I've seen. The first time I saw Madonna, and it was magnificent. I truly hope the recording can capture the feeling of it. Cause it was absolutely magical.
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  13. This show was really magical. Especially the more I look back at it, maybe thanks to no cancellations or setlist changes- and I didn't mind the 10:30 start time.

    Not my favorite show of hers I attended, but the excited, semi-drunken, phone-free buzz in the room when the lights finally went out and the intro started with a silhouette of "Madame X" typing away...

    The opening seven numbers, especially the triple-punch of Vogue, I Don't Search I Find, American Life...the mystery of the tour due to the no-phone policy...excellent merch...really what an experience. Thank you Madonna!
  14. Looks like she’s already teasing footage from the DVD. Some of these shots are gorgeous – those close ups!

  15. These are... Boomerangs. Great Boomerangs at least.
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  16. I panicked at first for the Rebel Heart Tour reminiscent transitions but I’m loving the close ups. Ricardo is fast.
  17. I went to Reinvention, Confessions, both Sticky and Sweet runs, missed MDNA, saw Rebel Heart and finally Madame X.
    I’d easily put Madame X at the top- she seemed her happiest by far, vocally she was at her strongest and there were some killer performances.
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  18. Eurovision aside, her voice does seem to be in good shape these days. And contrary to what some people have argued, I think that showed on the album too. Her tone is generally stronger than it was for the preceding three eras.
  19. It’s the best she’s sounded live in years, and I agree that it does come through on the album. Looking For Mercy is the one that stands out to me vocal-wise, and it’s one of my personal favourites as well.
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