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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I'm excited but I hope they keep the live vocals and nothing has been re-recorded or overdubbed.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Doesn’t the LiveNation contract stipulate a live album to go with the DVD anyway?
  4. I haven't listened to a live album of hers since Sticky And Sweet
  6. The Confessions Live Album is kind of her best single record so...
  7. I love live albums but I wish they would just mute the audience more (on the CDs at least). No one wants to hear random drunk Brits when that Erotica version is playing.
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  9. My one wish for the live album is that it's the full show and not truncated like so many of her concert albums have been.
  10. Her last 2 have been full (bar Love Don’t... which was clearly a rights thing) shows. I imagine this will be too (maybe without some of the more ad hoc elements like Express Yourself and the chats).
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  11. Madonna seems to like to turn them up, the audience noise on the mdna tour is almost unbearable and sounds fake
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  12. You're right, but I think I'm honestly still fearful after the way The Confessions Tour's album was slashed to ribbons even though it was like 13 years ago dd
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  13. I sort of never noticed the artificial hellish constant screams that run throughout her recent tour edits but when I did... yeah it’s rendered any quiet moments in the songs like nails on chalkboard. Presumably given the style of this show she’ll avoid this.
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  14. The Confessions Tour should have been a 3-disc affair with 2 CDS and the show. (And we still need it in Blu-ray or 4K).

    Looking forward to seeing this show on Blu-ray. I didn't get a chance to see this one. Major regrets as I didn't get to see Confessions or Blond Ambition either.
  15. Interesting figures but it would be great to see the net earnings for this tour and tickets sold in relation to capacity.

    I don't doubt she made bank on this tour with an average ticket price of nearly $300 and so there is obviously still demand to see her live - even with very high ticket prices and the cancellation risks due to her health problems.
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  16. What are the chances of her slapping a full performance of ‘Rescue Me’ with the Batukadeiras on the live album?
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  17. The sequencing for the Confessions tour gives me hives
  18. Although I have to say taking out La Isla from the last section does give it an added uniformity sonically and kind of works as a listening experience.
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  19. Just saw that slowed down preview from a few pages back. It looks like it'll be more music video-y and cinematic. I have very low expectations, but I still hope they won't overdo with the editing and add fake audience noises again.
  20. Literally a minus chance.
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  21. I wasn’t at the taping, so I can’t attest to how it sounded, but most of the shows were reportedly pretty silent unless it was during the more interactive bits. Would be odd to slap some audience noises over it if they weren’t there.
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