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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Mvnl

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    It's so odd to see these snippets, thinking 'I don't remember this performance at all?' only to realize 'oh right, there was no previous footage of it'
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  2. I can’t wait to relive the show!
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  3. That actually looks promising.
  4. LTG


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  5. My friend just put RIP Madonna in the group chat and I almost choked.

    (Maradona died and he’d misread)
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  6. I had a friend check in on me to make sure I was fine as she thought the same thing.
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  7. This is giving me #NowThatChersDead all over again.
  8. Madonna will never die.
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  9. Does anyone know if it is part of M’s contract to release this tour physically or can she just release it on a streaming service if she chooses to?
  10. I'm sure it'll be released physically. Her contract was done before video streaming was a huge deal.
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  11. I can’t believe next monday is going to be my Madame X show in Lisbon 1 year anniversary. How the world changed just a couple of weeks after.
  12. It’s quite insane to think I was surrounded on a tube by tons of people on my way to the Palladium less than a month before it all began.
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  13. And still no stream/DVD. Sad.
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  14. I'm just glad Madame X finally clicked with me. It took it's time but, ah well, the best albums sometimes do.
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  15. They should've done a Netflix release on New Year's Eve.
  16. Devastated again that my Paris show was cancelled.
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  17. I had tickets to four shows and they all took place (with many of their inbetween dates canceled) thank you mommy. What kind of one in a million super luck. I think it was good karma for all the teenager years people made fun of me for being a stan.

    In the end I only attended two in Lisbon and sold the Paris ones (as it was when Covid19 was starting to become an issue). Better this way as the Lisbon shows were the definitive ones for me since my (first time visiting) experience of the city blended with the album so well.
  18. Lisbon was really the place to witness this tour.
  19. LPT


    The birthplace of the Madame X record. What an experience. We did a tour to see where the backdrops were filmed which was such a thrill and even went to the small bar that M frequented quite a bit whilst she lived there - a thrill.
  20. What's the name of the bar?
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