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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

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  2. Call them!
  3. Gorgeous new rehearsal behind the scenes shots on her instagram story. Very MET Gala/Joan of Arc inspired look. Loving the details of all the safety pins!
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  5. She looks great and there are a couple of nice shots (also some that are... not good) but on balance the video feels so slapdash and ill-fitting to the song. Zero replay value. Intro voiceover and three (!) shots of that bird being released absolutely not necessary.
  6. This is even downloadable!
  7. I love it.
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  8. I love it, it's simple but amazing. This is NOT Give It 2 Me. Also, she looks SO AMAZING.
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  9. I like this so much more than Medellin,
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  10. She looks stunning, gorgeous editing and vibe. Nice little storyline as well. Made me like the song more. Very effective video!
  11. I already loved the teaser video she released as Audio version. This is awesome. I like the atmosphere. It's a nice counterpart to the Medellín video which was very all over the place (in a good way).
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  12. Scream, it appears to be a draft uploaded by the director and they probably forgot to lock it with a pass

    She looks superb.
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  13. Aboutely gorgeous. Crave was already taking me to a slight Bedtime Stories place in how much in leaned towards RnB (ish) but the video basically cements that. Secret vibes, and the bird imagery is lovely, recalling Bedtime Story and Frozen in slight ways. She looks incredible.
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  14. Me backtrackinging and signing up anyways for London dates.

    Will I be able to sell the tickets if I decide against it?
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  15. Definately 'Secret' DNA in this video. it could do with some refining ...maybe this isn't the finished version if it's a sloppy upload.
  16. Madame X is a... pigeon fancier?

    The aesthetic’s very Madonna - The First Album. Crave could be the sequel to Borderline.

    I’m loving this era.
  17. She looks great and I’m low key glad that the eye patch isn’t going to feature in every look this era.
  18. I adore that video. Everything so far this era has felt immaculately shot and so very warm. As someone else said, Bedtime Stories vibes.

    I didn't think I could love the song anymore but this has elevated it even further for me.
  19. Yes, such a wasted opportunity. How small is that guy? M's hand looks much bigger in the end shot, no wonder they weren't both on screen at the same time. The pitch-correction glitch at put my trust in you is starting to stick out on repeated listens. Still love the song, though.
  20. Love the Crave video, so simple and yet so captivating to watch. Made me love the song even more.

    I am bowing out from going to see her this time round, cannot not justify the costs. I will fork out the blue ray when it comes out though.
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