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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Aren't those carrier pigeons? It would make sense to see them so many times, for them to pass those handwritten messages back and forth. At least that's what I imagined the concept was. Kinda sweet.
  2. I assume so that they were.

  3. @Mikal lost once again
  4. Oh the video has been taken down.
    My cravings though.
  5. I'm not lost at all hun, they literally just recycled the same shot from different angles so if you're trying to claim that was intentional service to the story that feels like a reach
  6. I... was joking sis.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Sorry I’m a bit clueless but am I meant to have some kind of confirmation email for entering the ballot for the London show? Or do I just have to wait till the night before the hear anything? Thanks
  9. LP


    No confirmation email until (I think 19th) then you will receive code to your mobile 2hours before on sale time.
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  10. They will send you a confirmation mail the evening before the on sale date. And the codes in the morning, 4-2 bourse before tickets goes on sale.
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  11. Oh my god, I got tickets to LA for November 25th!

    I got an email overnight. I had requested 2 tickets for all 9 nights in all pricing categories except the $700+ one and I got allocated $360 tickets in the loge area. I used (my sister’s!) Citi card.

    So excited! I’ll make a trip back home to LA for Thanksgiving now and will hopefully still get tickets for London (my newish home) as well. Hopefully you guys start hearing back soon on your requests.
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  12. Every LA gay I know seems to have gotten tickets...except me. But I’ll just keep waiting...patiently.
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  13. Same here. Hard not to be a bit bitter when one of my old schoolmates is all over social media saying how excited he is to be going to TWO LA shows when he was telling me last month how old she looks and that she needs to retire. Yeah, just a bitttt bitter.
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  14. Hmm maybe what I did wrong was only picking the lowest tiers which I assume are more competitive ddd.

    Maybe they’ll turn up before Sunday..
  15. Expose ha
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  16. Me hoping to alloted to tickets while I have 0 history in my Ticketmaster UK account.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  19. Better half can’t get time off work that week so Lissabon it will have to be
  20. Can we apply for Paris if we're waiting for London confirmation? I'm guessing yes?
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