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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I'm still unclear about the entire process. As a legacy member you can get tickets for 2 shows, right? But otherwise just one?
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  2. From how I read it, you can try for different European cities as you are registering/being verified by different Ticketmaster sites. is not affiliated with so I highly doubt they will start checking with each other those who have registered.
  3. I applied for Paris, the one big difference I noticed is the Medellin package gives you front row in Paris while in London it's 'top priced tickets' so you could land anywhere in the first few rows. Same with the Crave package, Paris says rows 2-10, London is 'top priced tickets'.

    I see you TM UK!
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  4. This morning I woke up feeling relaxed and at peace with the idea that I might not be able to see her this year. That, instead, I would put that money towards a holiday. Towards something else.

    Not me now registering for Paris tickets.
  5. The other difference is that Rex is 2,800 cap while London Paladium is 2,200. So London is smaller.
  6. Paris has cheaper ticket prices, no? Signed up anyway.
  7. The Rex is a wonderful venue.
  8. LONDON:
    Once verified, all fans will be able to access tickets to these very special Madame X performances starting at just £61.50 with additional tickets available at at £126.60, £226.50, £351.50, £426.50 and £481.50 (plus applicable service fees).

    Once verified, all fans will be able to access tickets to these very special Madame X performances starting at just 84€ with additional tickets available at 139€, 221.5€ and 386.5€.
  9. So London technically starts lower, but we all know there will be a single row AT MOST of 61.50 tickets. But then the other tiers in Paris are technically a little lower. Cute.
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  10. So I applied for London of course, someone run through with me when we find out anything, and when we get to buy them?
    Also, we don’t get confirmation we’ve applied so we? Or I Fucked Up somewhere along the way.
  11. I’ll register for Paris but we all know Lisbon will be where the real kiki is at. It’s also the biggest venue. I imagine the prices will probably be cheaper than Paris/London?
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    Don't forget your country codes dolls !
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  13. What do you know?
  14. There was only the screenshot when you registered confirming you had registered - no one has received any emails confirming registration. If you are selected during the ballot process if you are ICON LEGACY, you’ll receive two SMS on Monday 20 May approximately 2-4 hours before tickets go on sale at 09:00 (so keep your phone handy!). Your SMS will include your link to purchase and your unique code to access tickets.

    The same will apply if you are GENERAL then you'll receive the SMS on Friday 24th May 2-4 hours before
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  15. When tickets to shows are so scarce this time is going to more than one show a bit cunty?
  16. A dozen plus London shows is not scarce?
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    Let's do the math ladies. She played The O2 last tour, two nights. Around 20k audience members every night, so around 40k in the end. The Palladium has a capacity of around 2.2k, and if she's rumoured to play twelve nights, that'd be 26.4k people by the end of the run. That's only if there's actually twelve shows, and not the current six (which would mean that the total capacity would be 13.2k). At most, you're slashing the total capacity by half, and the demand is also much higher as Madame X isn't touring anywhere else aside from London in the UK.
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  18. Well I applied for Paris anyway (the better half has nearly a year to make sure he can get the time off, fuck that), just to be on the safe side. I do want to go Lisbon really, but as a legacy member I can apply for two cities, if I'm not mistaken, right?
  19. If I can get tickets, I'll go for the £61 ones.

    You never know, she may arrive from the back of the Palladium?
  20. Madame X is an usherette
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