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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Same, it does mean tickets are cheaper at General Admission prices but I much prefer a smaller venue that is seated so I don't have to fight through hoards of (fellow) gays to get a good glimpse of my queen.
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  2. Just go to European dates, they'll be half the price of UK if Rebel Heart is anything to go by. Amsterdam standing was £90 last time.
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  3. I did standing for Rebel Heart in Amsterdam and to be honest I much preferred my seated experience in Manchester (despite her cutting it short !). Yes it's a premium but I can't bear spending half the day queuing in order to get a good spot.
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  4. I think we queued 90 minutes (in the pouring rain) and got about halfway into the floor. The Ziggo Dome smelled like wet dog but standing for that gig was the best crowd experience I've ever had. Atmosphere through the roof. But fair.
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  6. Scream at one of the travel packages being called “Cha Cha Cha”

    Also if it’s a theatre she’s doing I’m expecting her to do a residency at the Royal Albert Hall then
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  7. Hmmm I fancy a night at the Palladium
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  8. Theatres?!?! Well this is different. Tears of a Clown was so amazing in Melbourne that I'd die to see her in a venue like that but I am stressed at what the price will be.

    What are the odds she'll come to Australia? 5% likelihood?
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  9. I told ya she'll go the opposite way.

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  10. If she's doing theatres for this tour then its absolutely essential, although the prices she could (and probably will) charge already have me planning a bank heist as we speak.
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  11. It'll be a devastating kii if she ends up not having a Lisbon date, similarly to the last tour.
  12. Should I even entertain the idea of Australia being included?
  13. If she does theaters I feel like Minnesota is definitely getting skipped.
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  14. What size are those theatres? I think biggest in Dublin holds like 2000 people. There will be mayhem trying to get tickets.
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  15. Seems like she's doing mini residencies in the bigger cities so maybe just 6 or 7 cities in the US leg. Interesting strategy.

    Living for the drama of the thread title being in all caps. A true pop emergency.

    Surely in Europe she'll be doing arenas, at least outside of London/Paris
  16. [cries in tears of a clown]
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  17. The New York one holds under 3000, the LA one is 1850...
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  18. Ugh, me too. However the new Armory might be kind of attractive?? Either way I'm prepared to travel if I figure out how to afford seeing her a third time. I have a feeling this tour will be special.
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