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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Theatres? Oh... And those prices, yeesh...
  2. I selfishly wanted the full scale pomp and circumstance of a stadium show. If it's theater residencies then I guess I won't be seeing her this time around.
  3. I paid about £70 for Prague on the Rebel Heart Tour and won Early Entry tickets in the official Madonna competition. It was such an amazing week away, apart from the shite crowd.
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  4. I completely agree that going to a cheap European city is the way to go. My Prague flights, accommodation and concert ticket came to just slightly above the price of one UK ticket.

    That being said, the prices looks astronomical for the US dates...
  5. Madonna in intimate theaters is certainly a concept I'd be here for. I don't know if my wallet shares my sentiments tho.
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  6. Praying witcha sis
  7. Those prices are... scary.

    It felt like there was a fight every 2 songs in my area. Some italian fans were holding a poster of her and some other queens were trying to rip it apart ddddd. We got Secret at least!
  8. I mean, for real. Now that she's living here and all.

    That said, I wanna see those prices.
  9. God I’m not sure how I feel about this. I was planning on getting seats further back than my usual front row/section so I could take in the spectacle of it all. This feels kinda weird. I’m getting Girlie Show vibes which I really love though.
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  10. I can’t believe she’s spending 2 months in 3 cities...
  11. That’s not all the dates, come on now
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  12. The fab thing about these theatre shows (even with the prices) is that there won't be a bad seat in the house really - relative to seeing her at arenas/stadiums anyway.

    Assuming UK prices will mirror those U.S ones......£700 for a front block Madonna ticket.....hmmm.
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  13. The ticket prices for shows at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta are already exorbitant... add in it being Madonna and I feel like the cheapest seats will be $200. Yikes
  14. Dd is she about to pull a Barbra Streisand with these prices?
  15. I see her doing NYC, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Vegas, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle. Maybe Detroit?
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  16. 100%
    I think she could shoot herself in the foot here. Even Kate Bush wasn’t that expensive. Let’s see but I reckon she’s gonna sting us hard.
    Looking For Mercy on the prices mom!
  17. That nightmare of a support act though? I hadn’t eaten all day and thought that was going to finish me off.
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  18. I just found out she’s doing the Varsity here nn. Good luck getting those tickets you speak of.
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