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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Lila

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    Tears of a Clown: Edinburgh Fringe edition incoming
  2. I thought this could be something like Kylie did last time with "Presents Golden" and '"Golden Tour".
    Maybe something like Small Intimate tour and then something bigger coming later... no idea.

    However this is exciting
    Madame X is NOT coming to Brazil I guess. Not sure how I heard whispers of it already.
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  3. RJF


    Okay, but this would be legitimately iconic.
  4. They shouldn’t let you in the door after what you’ve said about Edinburgh in the past. The only clown crying that evening will be you.

    Ddd I would scream if she did though. Not M workshopping her material at the Free Fringe in a smelly backroom in Banshee’s Labyrinth before an afterparty at Hive.
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  5. I need Rescue Me and Bad Girl on this tour. Something about this whole Madame X vibe seems to sit well with 1990-1994 Madonna.

    ...we really don't need Human Nature again though.
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  6. ever
  7. I wonder if she’ll be as up for revisiting the older bops as she was last era? She touched on so many early classics last time and really only Prayer and then some mid career stuff felt missing. I’m gonna need a nod to ROL and COAD in some form too.
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  8. I for one am 110% here for Human Nature becoming a tour staple. I would like her to change up the arrangement though, MDNA's was a bit..basic.

    Bad Girl is also a must for this tour. She's paid it absolute dust for almost thirty years and that needs to change.
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  9. I'm gonna need NO nods to COAD.
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  10. Hung Up (Tarraxo Mix) impending.
  11. I was going to say I can't imagine a Madonna show post-2005 without Hung Up, but she didn't do it on the last tour. Which was fine with me, because it didn't really fit with the rest of Rebel Heart's setlist and we needed a bit of a break from it after that mangled electro-rock arrangement on the MDNA Tour.

    Just going off the aesthetics of this era so far I can't imagine it'll be included here either, unless she decides to do some bizarre fado arrangement (and knowing her, that's...entirely possible)
    ...why is the forrem saying that quote is from me when it's @dodoriazarbon? I am confusion
  12. Flamenco Who's That Girl ft Rosalía please.
  13. Give me an entire section of this, please. Who's That Girl -> Causing A Commotion (Flamenco Mix) -> Where's The Party (Flamenco Mix) -> La Isla Bonita

    I would include Medellín somewhere in there but we all know it's going to have its own slot, if not be the tour opener. Chances are we'll also get Spanish Lesson should she do a flamenco section
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  14. It’ll be interesting with her doing smaller scale venues but I’m sure It won’t even feel like it. She’s one of the best live acts around and will surely be able to pack an arena type experience into smaller venues. Those prices are borderline deranged though.
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  15. I can’t see it be an opener or closer given how much of a duet it is. Half the song being delivered on a screen or a a Maluma substitute wouldn’t really start the show with a bang IMO.
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  16. Maybe she'll have another hologram. Maluma X
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  17. This is making me nervous. You just know with smaller scale venues in London that they will all sell out with die hards going to multiple dates.

    My boyfriend isn’t fussed about seeing her and I’m definitely not going on my own again like with Rebel Heart- so if I get tickets I’ll likely sell one for half price (I’d prefer to go with a genuine fan).
  18. Having never seen her live in all my 15+ years of stanning, I'd love to go to one of the Chicago dates (assuming she's not going to come closer to me) but I guess I'd better start saving/hooking now because muffy sis...the prices
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  20. Those prices are insane. Madame X ain’t no socialist, that’s for sure. How likely do you think it is that this is just a teaser tour and maybe she’ll end up doing arena concerts next year?
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