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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Awesome, thank you! I'll be there Saturday. Can't wait to surprise the huzz.
  2. And you just go to the regular website and queue automatically? Do you need an account prior?

    It’s 10 Lisbon time right? The stress.
  3. Yes, just go to the website and wait for your turn. Use your phone and your computer to make sure you get a good place in the line. I got a much better place in line at my phone last week. I would recommend you to register an account beforehand to save some time and avoid technical issues with the payment. And yes, 10 Lisbon time. Good luck!
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  4. Finally the stress is over. Just spent my bonus on stall tickets for February 15th. My first time seeing her, so this is going to be so special.
  5. Oh wait just got in after two rejections! November 20th - my first Madonna live experience. Praise be.
  6. I told yall would get tickets.
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  7. Ticket. Singular. The boyfriend will now be stuck waiting in the car outside.
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  8. Got an LA ticket in the worst section of the theatre but still ecstatic. I was absolutely blessed enough to win tickets to her Vegas show when I was 17 and my baby gay self lived his best life that night so any Madonna experience after that is literally just a bonus.
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  9. So there'll be another email with how to "claim" my tickets? Even though my card has been charged now? Madame X is tricksy...
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  10. Got one orchestra ticket for Miami in December!!! I’m excited, hopefully she brings some obscure/intimate singles.

    I want Rescue Me, Nothing Fails, Bas Girl, Get Together and WIFLFAG.
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  11. My optimistic brain is expecting the lights to dim while Rescue Me's opening heartbeat and thunder effects echo through the theatre and everyone goes absolutely crazy.

    But I have a feeling the curtain's going to rise and the first sound we hear is:

    "See which flavour you like, and I'll have it for you..."
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  12. LTG


    The curtain will rise with a Madame X monologue and we’ll eat. It. Up.
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  13. There best be still a few 'motherfuckers!' even though it's a theatre show I still want abuse.
  14. I just got notified I didn't get a ticket for Boston, despite selecting all three dates. I suppose I should have also checked off the cheaper sections. Madame X is a cruel mistress.
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  15. I'm taking full credit for Rescue Me being performed on this tour if that happens.
    I don't even care. I'm having it periodt.

    Let me have this I'm pretentious...and a freak
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  16. Rescue me is...pretty average.
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  17. Init and I don't quite know where the hype for this came from but because of it I feel it will be performed! Give me Nothing Fails, You'll See, Get Together and Bad Girl over Rescue Me any day.
  18. Frozen? Oh FUCK
  19. YES! YES! YES!
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  20. Omg.

    Like a Prayer is my favorite Madonna song (pedestrian choice, I know) but Frozen may very well be my second or third with Sky Fits Heaven. So incredibly atmospheric and gorgeous. People tend to throw this phrase around on twitter but it really, truly creates a MOOD.
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