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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Oh. My. God. Yes!
  2. Mess. I got a an update email for my Boston request, and the subject line said as much. However, the message itself said my request for the Las Vegas dates was denied... sis I never applied for Vegas!!

    I assume I'm still rejected for Boston which I'm fucked off about considering I chose all price brackets except the top two for all three dates. Coincidentally they've just sent me a survey to inform them on the ticket request experience. Let me speak to the manager a bit
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  3. I bought my tickets almost 48 hours ago and I'm still yet to receive a confirmation email. They're in my Ticketmaster app but it's still a little concerning.

    I know the emails have taken a while for others but has anyone been waiting this long?
  4. I still haven’t received one and it’s been over a week.
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  5. At least it's not just me. I might message them on Twitter just to see what's up.
  6. I just thought of something. Usually theaters in the US don't allow people to record video or take pictures. (Cause it causes damage) How is it in Europe?
  7. Unless they strictly enforce it, people will have their phones out literally all the time.
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  8. Madame X sings in a metal band.

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  9. ican'tbelievei'mpostingthisbuti'vehadacoupledrinksandi- cannot believe my first ever live experience of Madonna (sans the MTV Medellín event) will be in a theatre and might include Rescue Me and Frozen with STRINGS.

    Bitch. I was beating myself up for not blackmailing my parents into taking me to MDNA when I was 12 but this is going to be equally as special I think.
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  10. Wow
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  11. I wonder if she will do Candy Shop?
  12. If nothing else is certain in this ever-changing world, one must assume that the exhaustively-reskilled Madame X will always remain a confectionery vendor at heart
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  13. And here I thought trying coffee for the first time in 6th grade was edgy.
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  14. I just want Love Profusion and I'll Remember in the list and I'll be happy. (I already am with Frozen +strings, but yeah)
  15. Anyone know if there'll be any more Lisbon dates or if that's it now?
  16. Dddd drag me a bit.
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  17. They could add more dates before the present opening night I believe.
  18. You know she will.
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  19. She loves it.

    I actually don't mind Hard Candy at all but seems odd when she has so many neglected gems this gets rolled out again and again.
  20. Would they have to announce if there’s a catwalk or extended stage at all?
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