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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Yes because it would cut into the seating and also it would mean that people in the gods wouldn't see her when she was on it.
  2. Madame X Tour - Limited Tickets for US shows to go on sale June 10

    June 07, 2019


    With 48 shows in only 7 cities confirmed in North America and with requests for these dates now fulfilled and delivered to verified registered fans, Live Nation has announced that limited tickets in all North American markets will be available for general sales starting Monday, June 10th at 10:00 am EDT / 7:00 am PDT, therefore giving fans who may have missed out an additional chance to attend these very special performances. There will be a 4 ticket limit per show and every ticket sold includes a copy of Madonna’s Madame X album releasing next Friday, June 14th.

    Madame X Tour - Limited Tickets for US shows to go on sale June 10
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  3. So after all this 'Raffle or nothing' nonsense, they're now just going to sell tickets? Bye.
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  4. Oh I’m definitely going to try and upgrade my seats to be a little closer to the stage if that’s the case
  5. My job has this associated ticket discount company and today they sent me an email announcing they had Madame X tickets. Looking at the site, they apparently do? I've used them before with no problem, but I don't know this time....

    Most of the tickets were in the Mezzanine or were "Gold"/"Diamond" packages.
  6. Sticky and Sweet when I was...11!
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  7. I can't wait to hear what Dark Ballet is going to sound like in theater! I mean it was written like a part of a play, I imagine Madonna singing by the grand piano, surrounded by creepy priests that want to burn her at the stake, but then the black male dancer dressed as Joan of Arc appears and he saves Madonna, and while the nutcracker music plays, dancers in gas masks arrive and they attack the priests, whereas Madonna leads the revolution! I also can see male dancers dressed as ballerinas in black, performing the "dark ballet" dance, kind of Black Swan vibe.
  8. Good to see London has a welcoming committee:

  9. They wouldn't do that in a theatre show though, would they? It's already pretty small.
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  10. MDNA when I was 42.

    'Searches for Old Kuntz home'
  11. I'm going to the Chicago Theatre show on October 16th. I've seen her on every tour starting with Confessions, and I was slightly horrified that the ticket-selling system this time around would kill my streak.
  12. Isn’t this the second time lately you’ve used incredibly questionable language regarding Mykki Blanco / their character?
    I know Mykki doesn’t use female pronouns exclusively anymore. But reading your post made me shudder.
  13. Just got an e-mail about a general sale for London on June 13th.
  14. For today's general sale, Ticketmaster raised the standard ticket prices - the section I payed $99 for in the 'raffle sale' is now going for $357. Can't say I didn't try to get a ticket for the boyfriend.
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  15. I’m gonna be so pissed off if there’s more cheap seats for the general sale. Knowing Ticketmaster they’ll have planned something evil.
  16. Yeah my $52 ticket is also now $345 + fees - absolutely wild stuff.
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  17. Is it true that the tour isn't selling too well?
  18. Is she really punishing the plebs by making them pay triple because they didn’t join the mailing list?
  19. aux


    It's not her who chooses the pricing, in fact, no artist does, it's generally the promoter. It's a thing that Ticketmaster has been doing for a while called dynamic pricing, which means that tickets can constantly go up or down in price depending on the demand. And since the promoter Live Nation is the owner of Ticketmaster, they'll most definitely be using that to milk the fans as much as they can. This is also the reason why she chose that venue in London instead of another, but I can't really talk about that.
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  20. Most fans have gotten tickets already though and I don't see locals forking out $500 for Mezzanine, but we'll see. Lisbon is sold out, right?
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