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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

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    I don't see them either, hence why the dynamic pricing makes sense. These tickets could end up dropping to a much more feasible price if no one buys them. Taylor Swift did this on her last tour, and it worked pretty well with most nights that didn't sell out upon sale, selling out the day or two before.
  2. It’ll be very annoying to see plebs with reduced stalls tickets.
  3. £455 for a stalls ticket?

    No Madge, not even you.
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  4. Unsure whether to look forward to my upgrade once the top level is covered off on my date or not. I chose my seat quite tactically.

    I’m being a bit cunty but she will categorically not have a sold out show in London if prices don’t drop.
  5. My mum is a huge Madonna fan and the gig falls on her birthday. I was going to treat her to a trip to London and the show but I don't love her enough to spend that on two tickets.

    Someone @ me when the prices drop a bitsy for this casual fan.
  6. Can't believe I got Royal Circle tickets this afternoon, dead center.
    That will be my third London date.
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  7. Caved in and got a ticket for Paris through ticketmaster. I want to boogie to God Control!
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  8. I hope this is going to be like Before The Dawn and have key sequences from the album interpreted (though not with her kids taking centre stage).
    Actually I’d be happy with the album performed in its entirety with Candy Shop as the encore.
  9. After hearing the album and it's 90's elements, I think she could perform Rescue Me on tour for real.
  10. For some reason, I hope Spanish Eyes and Bad Girl get their premier
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  11. Before The Dawn is exactly the sort of show I envisage with this tour but obviously with more modern edge in places.
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  12. This is a setlist moment of retro dream whatever that I came up with on my lunch break:

    Madame X is a... Cha Cha Instructor intro

    Medellín (elements of Madame X in the Sphinx remix)
    La Isla Bonita or Like A Virgin (Fado mix)
    Faz Gostoso

    Madame X is a... Freedom Fighter/Secret Agent/Saint interlude

    God Control
    Like A Prayer (Eurovision Trap mix)
    Dark Ballet
    Live To Tell

    Madame X is... a Cabaret Singer interlude

    Crave (more acoustic mix)
    Miles Away
    Extreme Occident/Easy Ride
    Bad Girl

    Madame X is... a Prostitute interlude

    I Don't Search I Find
    Rescue Me
    Deeper and Deeper

    Madame X is... Madonna interlude

    Future/Don't Tell Me
    I Rise
    Express Yourself


    Take A Bow
  13. Let's hope normal service is resumed to this classic.
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  14. American Life will surely be performed?
  15. I'm not so sure. It's a cute version, just her nerves got the better of her at Eurovision.
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  16. There are far too many ‘hits’ in this to be a realistic setlist. The casuals will get 2 singalong moments plus Candy Shop and they’ll deal with it.
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  17. God I hope so
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  18. Good luck selling £500 tickets to these casuals you speak of.
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  19. Fixed that for you
  20. Secondhand prices for Boston went down quite a bit after the public sale began, so I snatched an orchestra seat 15 rows from the stage. Will be my farthest Madonna experience but it will be so special regardless!

    My sanity and I vacating the Wang Theatre upon God Control's crescendo:
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