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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. What a terrible opinion
  2. LMX


    I’d like to see Madonna but these prices are absolutely absurd. Plus a hotel and transport to London...
    really hope the prices drop quite a bit so I can finally see her
  3. I’m imagining some form of God Control into Hung Up mash-up, and yep Madge, give it to us.
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  4. God Control / Deeper & Deeper
  5. If anything, I predict the setlist will probably be Tears Of A Clown + most of Madame X
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  6. A number of outlets are reporting the tour is struggling with "sluggish ticket sales" and believing that to be complete BS I went to check out the ticket sites...and it's not exactly that far off the truth.I could get great tickets on each date not marked as "sold out" (and there were a lot less of those dates than expected).I really didn't expect her to struggle with ticket sales,especially not this time.

    Is it the exorbitant prices?Or is there some kind of a public backlash against her?

    I find it hard to believe Madonna would struggle to sell out theatres.
  7. Entirely.

    Fans, casual or diehard, would still check out her gigs regardless of what newspapers wrote about her on any given day, but charging said casuals (who could be swayed) upwards of £300 minimum for a cramped theatre seat was a terrible decision and entirely wrong.
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  8. It’s just prices. Big fans already have their tickets and casual fans aren’t going to spend $350+ for ‘ok’ seats. I’m sure they’ll lower prices at some point, and then all dates will sell out.
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  9. Yeah I'm waiting in the hope the tickets go down a bit. I can't justify the amount she wants at the minute.
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  10. I heard This Used To Be My Playground today and it's such malarkey that she's never performed the song live.
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  11. I often wonder if there are any songs that are too painful for her to perform live. I don't think anyone has ever asked her that. "This Used to Be My Playground" is undoubtedly about her mother. I couldn't see her ever being able to perform "Promise to Try" live. She'd probably break down in tears.
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  12. Maybe a little bit off topic, but does anybody have any good tips regarding hotels in Lisbon for the show? I’ve found one quite close to the theatre but I’m not sure if it’s a fun area to stay in. Any Lisbon residents or earlier visitors here that knows?
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  13. I watched Evita again last night and now I really want to hear Madame X sing Another Suitcase In Another Hall.
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  14. Are people still living in the 90s? Rarely do things "sell out" like they used to. A large number of ticket sales for concerts are made in the week before the show. The concert sales are fine and she is going to make a handsome profit.

    What makes you say that? I don't recall Tears Of A Clown having a string section. From what we've seen on Instagram so far it's quite different.
  15. I suspect lots of the 'hits' will be interwoven into 'Madame X' tracks. Like 'Vogue' and 'Deeper and deeper' into 'I don't seek...' and 'Don't tell me' into 'Future'.
  16. That would be amazing. Still I'd rather she does I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You.

  17. I think a bit of both. The ticket prices are crazy even for Madonna and outside of her real hardcore fanbase the album is not being well received......I think much of that has to do with how she is coming across....of course she is Madonna and can and will do whatever she pleases so don't all attack me....but surely the aim is not to lose the legacy of what an amazing female artist she is and her massive achievements - most people I know and talk about Madonna feel she has become a bit of a laughing stock which I am certain is the opposite of what she set out to do with this album - love it or hate it.
  18. The album is being received just fine? She just got number one in the states, number two in the UK. Reviews are for the most part positive...
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  19. RJF


    ...Madonna could spend the rest of her life touring doing nothing but fifty minute recorder solos and her legacy would remain unblemished. It is in stone and nothing anyone - let alone Madonna herself - does can change that. And this album is probably her best received in... forever.
  20. Oh sweetie, you could apply this sentence to any of her albums post-Like a Prayer. She's fine.
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