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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. "female artist"
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  2. I wonder if she’ll include any of the deluxe tracks on tour. MDNA and Rebel Heart both had them in some form. I could see “Ciao Bella” being an interlude, maybe even a performance of “Back That Up”
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  3. I could see Funana as an interlude with a powerful montage.
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  4. Do we think she’ll use a visual backdrop (video interludes) for this theater tour? I’m sure she’ll have to be flexible as not every theater is going to be the same and will have only so much stage room.
  5. She already said she only chose venues that would be able to fully accommodate what she wants to do for the show, so I don’t see her being flexible and not having the same set up in every theatre.
  6. Well hopefully they’re prepared. I think it’s going to be a pretty scaled down show.
  7. Nicki found refusing to take notes.
  8. Have you ever see a West End/Broadway musical?
  9. Yes, but she’s touring a lot of different theaters all over. I wonder how much this show will be like Tears of a Clown. She said that she wanted to tell jokes and tell stories to the audience.
  10. Those musicals all go on massive tours as well, without a major redesign, where they usually install the set and open the show within two days. She’s playing a handful of major venues that are used to presenting technically ambitious shows, with decent “get-in” time between each run. If she decides to keep it low-fi, it really won’t be because of venue limitations!
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  11. I can't really imagine her not doing Back That Up/Candy Shop.
  12. Got my fingers crossed for the soundcheck draw tomorrow. I wanna take my mama.
  13. Anyone heard back yet?
  14. If you get this too...
    JK i hope you do sis
  15. The great London price-drop has started (albeit only -10%).
    Best stall seats (i.e. Rows B/C/D etc) and Boxes now £455 from £511.
    Sale ends Boxing Day!
  16. Yes I won a soundcheck ticket!
  17. I also won a soundcheck ticket! I can't afford tickets to the show right now due to being a poor student, but I'm holding out for a price drop nearer the dates.

    Anyone know what I can expect from the soundcheck in terms of length etc? I went to the Rebel Heart tour and it was incredible.
  18. What exactly is a soundcheck ticket? A ticket to see the rehearsal?
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  19. Yeah, basically

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