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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. No but they really were giving away free tickets. It happened at Glasgow
  2. I hope she still does some arena shows or else it will be impossible to get tickets oh boy..
  3. She’s playing theatres this tour?
    Mum you have to play the Sydney Opera House!

    Even though it will be impossible to get tickets and I’ll probably miss out.
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  4. Does she really believe the $2000 VIP tickets would actually sell? I adore Madonna but bloody hell luv!
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  5. Aren’t the $2000 packages for 2 tickets, 2 flights and 2 hotel rooms?
  6. In the article I posted that you didn't bother to read.
  7. Sis, they'll sell out first.
    No the Medellin Front Row Vip is just that, front row ticket, plus some tat.

    There are $4000 travel packages (for two people) that include tickets tho.
  8. It’s just a buzz tour until she launches The Madame Xperience residency.
  9. Eh. I saw her in an arena in Sydney and fucking hated it. I’d love to see her at the Enmore. Some of my favourite gigs have been there.
  10. How come?
  11. At the end of the BBMAs interview, she asks Keith if he'll visit her anywhere, "a small cabaret" or "a stadium". I wonder if that could mean this tour is a mixture of theatre residencies (for North America, at least, judging on the latest info) and stadiums/arenas for Europe.
  12. The tabloid backlash against those ticket prices is going to be bad. I know others may have done it, but I feel like if there’s any excuse to attack her, they will. It’s low-hanging fruit.
  13. Ew. The Enmore is trash. I’d rather she did the ICC if she wants a smaller venue.
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  14. Lots of reasons.

    She was late as fuck and transport was a nightmare getting home. There was no atmosphere, the sound was shit, she was having a bad night and was exhausted, and an unenthusiastic crowd - a good chunk of which walked out during the last few songs.

    It’s the one of the worst gigs I’ve ever been to. She was my all time favourite and I’d wanted to see her my whole life, and was so disappointed. I can’t even bring myself to watch the blu ray.

    That said, I’m perched for Madame X and I’d see her in a theatre if she comes back to Sydney*

    *shes never coming back to Sydney.
  15. The Enmore is great. It’s grubby and unhinged and when it goes off, it’s insane. I find the arenas and stadiums way too controlled and organised. I wanna let loose and dance my heart out, get squashed and sweat my tits off.
  16. To see Madonna in a theatre and not the usual arena/stadium, people will definitely pay. And to be up close, for sure.

    I like that she is doing something different, although it's not really surprising since she's discussed this before. I do wish she had allowed the album to come out first and linger for a bit but we know her presence as a touring act has a big impact.
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  17. Honestly, the draggings would be justified. Too often do Madonna stans get generalised as privileged people with a lot of disposable income and this only enforces that. What if someone younger/less wealthy discovers Madonna (whether through a playlist or the new album), falls in love with her music and wants to see her love only to see it’s an exclusive theatre tour with $2000 seats?

    To be clear I don’t have too much of an issue with her deciding to do threatres this time around, it’s the pricing that’s outrageous.
  18. Here in Canada, when the $55 top price Girlie Show tix were announced in 1993, people were appalled.

  19. Sounds like you were at the second Sydney show. The first one was much better.

    Also Enmore Theatre is the single worst venue in the world. Actually maybe second to Hordern Pavilion.
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