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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. It’s weird that some Tickets completely on the side are gone with better one I the category still available. Guess they were blocked first?
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  3. The promoters released a statement in Billboard.
    .....personally I don’t think much of this sales strategy. I panic bought when there was no need to.

    BTW, are the London shows £££ gonna be reduced anytime soon? They’re still £376 for the cheapest seats!!
  4. I hope so as I was on a different time zone when tickets went on sale and sadly missed all the cheaper tickets. £300+ is just out of my price range currently sadly.
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  6. All this ticketing strategy does it make sure die hard fans pay through the nose to see her at costs more than they would usually pay for seats they settle for because that's the limit of their budget and then casuals get to snap up the discounted tickets. Madame X is a fucking con artist.

    Me at the back of the auditorium with my twice the price of the discounted front tickets like:


    PJ gheys be in the upper circle gods after living off popcorn for a month.
  7. I'm literally wet. Apt considering the song. I fully cannot believe this is happening.

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  8. This is a fairly common strategy nowadays.

    You probably should have waited it out, but it sounds like you wanted to rant.
  9. A little update from Mindtrappa's list on the last page from songs that were mentioned\hinted so far

    Madame X:

    Dark Ballet
    I Rise
    I Don’t Search I Find
    God Control
    Extreme Occident
    Killers Who Are Partying
    Come Alive


    Human Nature
    Like a Prayer
    Joan of Arc
    Justify My Love
    American Life
    Easy Ride
    You Must Love Me
    What It Feels Like For a Girl (reaching but a gay can dream)
    This video that people said it sounds like "Masterpiece" but I'm not sure

    The rumors she rehearsed at Pride but haven't mentioned anymore...
    Faz Gostoso
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  10. She mentioned that they’re doing “Come Alive” in her new interview with Refinery 29
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  11. Rescue Me being performed.

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  12. She posted the biggest glimpse of the staging we’ve seen so far in a recent video

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  13. STAIRS.
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  14. Mvnl

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  15. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s all just rehearsal etc but it’s all a bit...high school doing a play.
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  16. I mean did you ever see what the MDNA stage looked like?

    Or Confessions

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  17. Gaultier confirmed that he designed a collection for the tour.
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  18. That stage is giving me What Will The Neighbours Say...? Tour vibes. Can Not WAIT.
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  19. You want a Madonna tour to have Girls Aloud vibes?
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