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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. I went over to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam for the MDNA Tour bc it was an arena and seemed to be one of the smallest venues for the European leg. It was my first time seeing her live, and it lived up to every one of my expectations and then some.

    Amsterdam was a very nice city, too.
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  2. Sis only the front row will cost $2000, everything after that is lower, ending up with $53 seats. Nobody is being priced out!


    Chicago front row isn't even $2000, it's $1,750 and in Europe it'll probably be even lower.
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  3. Not you acting like $1750 is somehow justifiable
  4. Please point me to when that happened?
  5. Well at least we can agree on the Horden.

    I dunno. Maybe because I live right near the Enmore and have seen some of my favourites play there, but I associate it with excellent fun.

    I wanna check out the ICC theatre but a lot of the new places just seem so... sterile? I saw Garbage at the Star and I didn’t like it either.
  6. Going going going. It’ll be my first Madonna concert!

    Hard to believe tickets to see Gaga in Vegas are 5 times as much...not that it has anything to do with anything but Madonna always set the bar for most expensive tickets to a pop show.
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  7. Re Sydney (if she ever comes back here!)
    Madonna will never play a venue like the Enmore.
    If it's theatre shows it's got to be the Sydney Opera House, or the State Theatre or if it needs to be bigger then the ICC Theatre.
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  8. ICC is decent if you're close. Up the back is terrible and even worse on the mezzanine.

    It's actually too big a venue to what she's looking at for these shows. It's closer to 8k capacity. It'll be at the Opera House if she comes to Australia.

    Edit: scratch that. The Opera house has no back of stage and wouldn't be able to accommodate the show that she would still put on. It would have to be the State Theatre.
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  9. That’d be pretty amazing to see her at the Opera House.
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  10. The more I think about it, the more I wouldn't be surprised if she does tour Australia especially if it's a theatre set. She's looking for the touring coin and it's not like she's be shipping a massive stage. If she skips us she's just mean.
  11. They're resale tickets
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  12. Yeah I know. But still. Shit. I’m sure Madonna’s resell will be just as much, though.
  13. Madonna has made no secret that she continues to tour to "pay off her mortgage" as she says. Touring is very much a job for her and not a labour of love. With that said, she'll give you everything on stage (more than the new young girls) and still persevere despite doing it for 35 years. She can charge whatever she wants. That's just my opinion.
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  14. Would the view be ... decent in the nosebleeds for a theater?
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  15. aux


    It really depends on the venue. For example, the Hammersmith Apollo used to be a cinema, so the sightlines are perfect no matter where you're seated. But then you've got places like O2 Sheperd's Bush where it's impossible to see anything from the top balcony.
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  16. Didn't someone here say she's doing the Palladium?
  17. aux


    Yes. The sightlines in that venue aren't too bad for a concert, but they're pretty shite for a theatre show if you're seated at the Grand Circle (the top balcony). Here you can see what people think of the view / seats.
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  18. If she's in a theatre, it's gonna be better than the nosebleed seats in the o2 or the Manchester arena...
  19. Maybe a few years ago. But not in this climate, no way.
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  20. They do it for Barbra in arenas (priced much, much higher than Madonna ever has), they’ll do it for M in a theatre
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