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Madonna - Madame X Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, May 4, 2019.

  1. Since when does Madonna give in to criticism? I’m sure Rescue Me will still be an interlude.
  2. Two more Paris dates added, 7 and 8 March.
  3. This is the second time she rehearses Rescue Me and then decides to drop it. I'd like to know why, it's not a difficult song to sing and it's mostly spoken. I'm not sure if she could pull off those growls these days but she wouldn't have to sing it exactly like on the record - and she has all those competent ladies on stage to do the growls for her. Swapping it with La Isla Bonita, which she's usually very confident with and the song is clearly within her comfort zone indicates Rescue Me didn't turn out as well as she had hoped. Anyway, break a leg, M - sparkle!
  4. How do we know it’s been swapped though? Could it not still be an interlude?
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  5. Since she started reading her comments on Instagram? She’s said as much herself. Don’t forget “Rescue Me” was only considered in the first place because fans were begging for it. It’s been completely dropped according to a very reliable source. Not even featured as an interlude.
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  6. Why do Madonna stans who only stan the 80s songs have to ruin everything dddd
  7. Which is the first one?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. It’s more realistically she realized she wouldn’t be able to do it night after night, but I’m choosing to blame the 80s stans nn
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  10. 'Rescue Me' would've been a moment. Such a fucking shame.
  11. Back during RHT, when she posted images of it hinting the song was being rehearsed.
  12. Her punishment for her fans not getting one single into the Top 100 this era.
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  13. Rescue Me vocally isn't even a Issue. The chorus is no bigger than Vogue and its only two lines. The batukaderas could have done the bulk of the leg work on the chorus and she'd just have to do the verses. It is indeed one of her best vocals but it doesn't need to be performed as it was. Nothing else ever is.
    She's obviously decided that the point at which it featured in the show didn't flow very well. At least we have the insta moment and hopefully a full filmed rehearsal will leak someday.
    Im still pissed AF.
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  14. She mentioned Rescue Me during the Rebel Heart rehearsals alongside Who's That Girl, Deeper & Deeper, True Blue and Take a Bow. It's possible it never made it to the actual rehearsal stage but I believe it was at least considered.
  15. Yeah, but half the power of the song is because of those vocals. Maybe she’ll add it back for the taped show, I’d be fine with that.
  16. Mel C did have a 5 min segment (I think during I turn to you) where she let the audience have their phones out to take a couple of pics and some video and then everyone after put them away and it worked well. You got your memory and that was it for the night, Fair do's. I can see the constant phones in Ms face pissing her off so it's understandable but I'm still a bit irritated by the whole thing. MadameX is taking no shit.
  17. I don't know where people are hearing Rescue Me has been swapped for La Isla Bonita. But I have heard that Frozen has been swapped out for Borderline which is something.
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  18. Ok i'm getting crazy fans in the know flexing for kiis from this.
    This tipped the scale.
    The pre first night of the tour rumour mill jumped out.
    Rescue Me & Frozen are intact now I'm sure and these hoes need to stop trying it with me before I lose god control.
  19. The info came from someone who was at the friends and family dress rehearsal last night. There was no mention of “Frozen” being cut.
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