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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. This reply under the behind the scenes preview is fucking sending me:

    Like who is thinking of this?
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  2. And judging by everything we’ve seen, I’m honestly starting to believe she totally welcomed Maluma into her candy shop.
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  3. Music is as far away from her debut as we are away from Music.
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  4. In 2016 we met in a dark basement club and I couldn't believe he was interested in me. Well, I suppose I was a bit more ballsy and confident back then. He was stunning. Still the most beautiful man I've been with. He stayed at mine, a room in a huge house full of art. I walked him around the art the family I lived with had collected and he told me he was a budding fashion designer with a small label. He was from Buenos Aries.
    I told him I was leaving Hong Kong in a matter of weeks. For him it was a matter of days. We saw each other several more times. I remember sitting on the windowsill in his flat in a Causeway Bay tower block, looking out into the city, at the windows across the way. I remember thinking 'this is why I came here.' He was singing Million Reasons from the shower. 'To be sitting here right now'. I thought about how formative my year in Hong Kong had been, who it had allowed me to be.
    He was beautiful. We joked about how my Spanish would improve (my Dad has heritage but never taught me) when I live with him in Buenos Aries.
    I helped him pack his bags and put him in a taxi to the airport. I pushed his hair from his face and kissed him goodbye.
    On Wednesday night I looped Medillin endlessly. I awoke Thursday having dreamed soley of him for the first time ever.

    I took a pill and had a dream
    I went back to my 17th year
    Allowed myself to be naive
    To be someone I've never been
    I took a sip and had a dream
    And I woke up in Medellín
    The sun was caressing my skin (Dime)
    Another me could now begin

    Basically this song gave me a ***** in the night.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  5. Madame X's power

  6. Sorry if this was mentioned before, I missed 2 or 3 pages, but "nos vamos por Detroit" is a reference to anal sex in Spanish.

    It is not really common, it is not pretty obvious... I asked a couple of Spanish friends who never heard of it but I can tell it is there
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  7. Sis as if I’d wiki Maluma
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  8. Maluma can visit me in Detroit whenever he wants xx
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  9. Why is it always a Paula, Cyndi or Debbie Harry stan posting dumb shit like this about M? It makes me sad, because I love them all
  10. Some people can only Stan one, quite sad really.
    It’s fine to only be interested in one artist, but to drags others is just... meh.
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  11. I absolutely am every night
  12. Have the album campaign photos been posted in decent quality/large size? I know some have been floating around such as the full album shot with blond hair, one with her in sunglasses. Any help would be appreciated.
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  13. Straight out of the Jody Watley Stan Wars playbook.
  14. Being a fan of only one female artist and attacking all others is so 2013 x
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  15. Her best song is ages. Effortless.
  16. Yes dad.
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  17. You know what pairs surprisingly well with this? Britney’s If I’m Dancing. Mmmmmm yas
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  18. *papi
  19. This is the period at the end of this debate. Thanks for playing, sweatys.
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  20. The videos of her rehearsing on her story are so adorable

    I feel very


    about this era
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