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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Medellin is just .....joyful.
    Some of the heart and nostalgia she employed on title track of Rebel Heart really spilled over. That track was a big soft kiss at the end of a letter to on an old version of herself.
    This song is pure “let me slip into something more comfortable” life moment.
    There’s something so sexy about her energy on this song. The fact that it’s so Maluma heavy but is 100% the most Madonna song I’ve heard in well over a decade, If not more, highlights to me there is some severe imperial Madonna swag swinging it’s dick around this track.
    I couldn’t have predicted a more perfect lead single to be honest.

    The through line of her posting an insta of her playing La Isla Bonita on the decks last week while captioning “feeling nostalgic”, knowing her new singles narrative was a nod to an imagined version of herself decades before in tropical climes.
    Her fucking mind!

    Knowing that her being seventeen is actually a subtle reference to the year of my birth 1975 and that a footnote of her lead single is a veiled “I see you” reference to my very existence. I felt that.

    I see you too
    I’ve always seen you.
    She mom

  2. This song is really starting to become addictive.

    I have to say I've never been a big fan of Madonna's collaborations or features. And yes, that includes Be Careful with Ricky. But she and Maluma are well suited to each other. There's chemistry, and I can't wait to see the performance.
  3. Queen of existential ASMR
  4. Medellin is fun, refreshing, & exciting. I couldn’t ask for anything more from Madonna. That it’s smoldering & sexy is a total bonus. Fantastic lead single. Couldn’t care less whether it’s a hit or not. She has nothing to prove. Would much rather have her following her intuition than trends.
  5. My spotify playlist went from Medellin to La Isla Bonita and it couldn't be a more perfect combo/transition...
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  6. Literally the first words that came out of my sister's mouth when hearing Medellin was "this sounds like one of my ASMR videos".

    I was a goner.
  7. Okay but how iconic would it be if W Magazine or someone got Madonna to do an ASMR video for real
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    It’s such an effortless cancellation of ageism as well.
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  9. Also even after having an era where I was like “why not ‘the sun was DANcing on my skin’?!?!?” I’ve even come around to the CARRRessing of it all.
  10. Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart - 2019/04/20...get that streaming hit Queen...
    55 +19
    Madonna & Maluma - Medellín
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  11. Is it still too soon for a definitive guide to every track listing for every edition?
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  12. My friend who makes a point of letting me know he hasn’t liked anything she’s done since Hard Candy text me to say he loves Medellín.
  13. I’m trying hard to not be too invested in the chart positions but I just love this song so much and think it’s such a return to form (not that I thought she was in bad form on Rebel Heart) that I can’t help but want it to make a mark on the charts. But the sales are sluggish. Can anyone with chart knowledge comment on whether BBMAs give enough exposure to turn a songs fortunes around?
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  14. Billboard will probably not help, Eurovision is a different story but we still don’t know if it’s still happening and what song she will perform.
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  15. Well not too sluggish ...
    Worldwide iTunes Song Chart - 2019/04/20
    3 -1
    Madonna & Maluma - Medellín
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  16. Chart wise I'm more interested in how the album does to be honest.

    Be great if she could get another Billboard No 1 since Rebel Heart peaked at 2.
  17. She'll probably do a bundle with the tour so that should hopefully guarantee another number 1 album.
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  18. Hopefully another UK Number 1 album aswell after Rebel Heart got to Number 2.
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  19. Were are my magazines cover though?
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