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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Since she changed direction during album making and reworked many songs, I wonder how many outtakes and different versions are there.

    Usually all her outtakes and other versions leak, when it comes to the 2000s/2010s albums, but I think this time nothing will leak and if collectors manage to get it, they will keep it like her 80s demos.
  2. After everything but the studio schedule leaked from the Rebel Heart sessions months ahead of time I wouldn’t expect any leaks from this album for a while. And I’m glad.
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  3. A few fans are declaring the album terrible based on that snippet where you can't hear anything. What the fuck is wrong with them?
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  4. Fanbases are trash shocker
  5. I mean, they are outside.....

    It's the same as when people recorded Give Me All Your Luvin and Girl Gone Wild's demos outside her house.
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  6. Lately Madonna fans have seemed extra trash.
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  7. Luc


    I wonder if Future will be full on playback and Like A Prayer more live?

    Rumours are Future + LAP
  8. I'm aware, but the full video feels a bit at odds with the song. That very moody overhead shot of her feels quite open and vulnerable. That moment's also beautifully shot and feels a little less mom choreographed this in the bathroom with the good lighting last night.
  9. The director has apparently confirmed on MadonnaNation this is a rough cut, it's not finished, it was being passed back and forth between Director and Editor for changes and it was accidentally uploaded to Vimeo with no password protection. Which I believe, because every production company I've ever worked at use Vimeo for viewings before being signed off for broadcast.
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  10. She’s doing LAP+Dark Ballet + Future. Hardly a rumour, the songs were included in the credits after the first show yesterday

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  11. mmmh.
  12. I do believe that this album will be considerably better than the last three. Hopefully not famous last words.
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  13. I do too. When Madame X finishes training those carrier pigeons, recovers from her Lazik surgery, and returns from her problematique gig in the Holy Land, it's over for these hos.
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  14. From what I can hear, Future sounds good.
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  15. I can't stop playing the Crave video, even if it's not the final version it's soooo god. I loved Medellin but to me this video is even better and it has wasy more replay value. I can't wait for the final version, also the song is now one of my all time fav singles by Madame. I hope in some live tv performances soon.
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  16. If Crave was a zodiac sign, I think it'd be an Aries and I love it for this.
  17. Exactly, haha. I can dance my ass off to Crave just like I can walk down the hall doing beauty shots with sad expressions.
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  18. Excited for her performance!
    Good choice and great video!
  19. Has anyone received a ticket confirmation for the tour yet? Apparently, some people have started receiving confirmations.
  20. A friend of mine literally just got his minutes ago for the Wiltern date
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