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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Oh lawd if there’s one thing the press LOVES it’s when Madonna doesn’t sing live. Piers Morgan gets a minuscule hard on at the mere idea.
  2. This really pisses me off. A man who should have been jailed for the hacking a 13-year-old murdered girl’s phone should not be throwing stones.
  3. Piers Morgan will grab any chance he can to trash Madonna. Nothing new there.
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  4. Really? There are big fat pillars blocking the performance. I get it you’re a fan but the staging was terrible.
  5. Late to the party but I just watched the full performance on BBC iPlayer....

    Firstly, she’s Madonna so one dodgy performance will not end her career despite what the likes of the disgrace Piers Morgan may say. However, her vocal on Like A Prayer was terrible - strained, hoarse and out of tune. It’s my favourite M track and when she gets it right it’s like a spiritual awakening. Last night that was not the case.

    Future was ok. Not a great track to begin with but something different.

    What saddens me genuinely is that she has become a joke. How has the Queen of Pop gone from being so cutting edge, ahead of the game and cool to being ridiculed?

    I do hope the new album has got some great moments on it as so far this era is not doing much for me at all.
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  6. Finally watched it.

    By the reaction, I really went in expecting a disaster of a performance...

    But I actually thought it was AMAZING.

    Sure, she sounded super pitchy during Like a Prayer and that new mix wasnt exactly the best, but the overall performance was great.

    The Dark Ballet sequence was fantastic and it actually made me really appreciate Future.

    The production value was phenomenal and Madame X continues to wow me.
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  7. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Yikes, last night was rough to watch. Aside from the horrible vocal performance, it was just not the event to be giving that performance at, Eurovision is a big gay hen party on poppers and wine, and it was just really joyless.

    Still, mum continues to push boundaries in the way that only she can and I think that's my one positive to take away from that.
  8. Dark Ballet is giving me Future Lovers on an bad acid trip. It sounds deliciously fucked up. I hoped there would be more of the song but hey. Regarding the different flavours she's presented to us so far, my feeling is that the record will still be a journey but not some cohesive journey. More like moments in time flashing before your eyes before you die kind of journey. Unconnected, fragmented and collated into some stream of consciousness, maybe with some repeated motifs here and there. despite last nights questionable choices all round, the campaign itself still feels exciting and my money is still on the recorded work being the real star of the show.
  9. 100% I Rise would have been a much better fit. Big faggy audience but not a Hung Up camptastic song. I Rise is pretty Eurovsion empowering anthem sounding actually. Music to make the puss pop and both with an empowering message that crosses borders, colour, race, religious, gender, sex and class lines.
  10. Piers Morgan said Madonna’s career was over after the Girlie Show. The man’s a clown.

    Also, post #metoo movement, how can media organisations condone a man publically harassing a woman for 26+ years?
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  11. @PiersMorgan

  12. No I was talking about Barbara Schoeneberger’s aftershow, and how she said that Madonna sang worse than all participants. And that her face aged badly. It got to me
  13. Can we please stop talking about Piers Morgan? He is human excrement and not worth the time.
  14. It's probably already been said but was it not the same concept of the opening of MDNA tour?

    The MDNA tour opening worked as the switch from the monks to Girls Gone Wild was so extra and unexpected. The Eurovision performance could have been something but having The Future as the main piece just wasn't it.
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  15. The Dark Ballet section had me in awe, honestly everyone I watched the performance with loved it, a side from a few shaky vocal moments, we really enjoyed it. I was shocked to wake up to such a back lash today.
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  16. It was the Met Gala performance, more or less.
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  17. Vocally, she sounded amazing at The Met Gala. Ideally that would be true of last night as well, but not many people are commenting on that in the press THANK GOD.
  18. This thread though...
  19. I've never heard of her so I googled her. How was she only born in 1974? She should not be taking about anyone else's face.
  20. Some of you need to get over the fact that it isn’t 1989, and that even if M had someone like Patrick Leonard around – even if it were Patrick himself, the result would likely be the same as it is now, because Madonna is still the one in control here, as she always has been.
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