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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Swae is literally essential. The way his vocals fade in and out throughout, and the minor key sadness they convey, just gives me the chills. Every. Damn. Time.
  2. I still think Killer Party would have been a better title
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  3. This is fake
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  4. Ha just realized and was deleting, you are too quick lol...
  5. Every time I see the lyrics to Killers I read them to the tune of Superpop.
  6. Wondering if we get more Medellin remixes as well as Dark Ballet this week.
  7. I think it's pretty fucking awful that you can read the valid criticism of the song, criticism that asserts that the track represents a speaking over of minorities, and then say, "This is sure to be one of my faves." This before you've even heard a note of it. That's pretty gross IMO.
  8. Wait did a song leak or is everyone discussing lyrics shared in a review?
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  9. Do we think Crave will get a tinsy little bitsy more attention once the album drops? I'm a little sad to see it no do anything at all. :(
  10. It’s no more gross than having major ethical issues with Madonna’s music but buying it anyway?

    Also, why is it okay for you to make assumptions about a song without hearing a note of it but not Rafael?

    I’m not being shady, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.
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  11. Would love a live performance on U.S tv....
  12. There's a huge difference between buying an album in spite of some problematic lyrics and specifically saying that a song will be your fave specifically because other people find it offensive (for legitimate reasons). The latter is childish.

    Also, I don't have to hear any of the song to know that the confirmed lyrics are problematic. They are literally in front of us. But Rafael is only anticipating this song will be his fave based solely on the controversy, which is what I think is awful. It's flippant in the worst way.
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  13. The meaning of the song and video obviously works better having someone to play off, but I’d be curious to hear how it would sound by layering Madonna’s vocals in the same way.
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  14. Where can you hear the solo version of Crave? I do like Swae's backing vocals but just out of curiosity. Is it just that Swae's vocals are deleted or are they replaced by Madonna harmonizing with herself?
  15. It just cuts Swae Lee’s verse and goes straight into Madonna’s bridge. He’s still all over the backing vocals.
  16. They just cut out his solo bit. You can do it yourself in Audacity, and also half of her middle 8. The whole thing is only 2.5 minutes long, it's so lame.
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  17. That is lame and unnecessary indeed. Oh, well... Anything for spins, it seems.
  18. I’m kind of surprised anyone was expecting more than that.
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  19. Honestly I don't get it..... I don't expect it to be a number one everywhere but it's such a lovely song..... It's modern but not desperate, it's infectious, well sung, the lyrics are nice.... It's pop at its best made by a superstar, it deserves some sort of attention, or maybe my ears are totally wrong this time around
  20. You can think whatever you want, I think the criticism is blown out of proportion, so yes, this is sure to be one of my faves.
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