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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Madame X in Vanilla Ice's place in that legendary pic.
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  2. Yes. You also stop defining yourself (as much) by your sexuality, hopefully evolve beyond self-obsession and narcissism (or at least find a more useful channel for it than sexual dominion), become more grateful for your life and your experiences, and seek purpose and meaning whenever and wherever possible. That does seem to be an excellent parallel to Madonna’s own journey, and is perhaps why the NY Times journalist spends so much time in self-reflection throughout her well-written article. We all want that, and fortunately Madonna is well aware of it, and has evolved beyond the need and the desire to make herself relatable as a human being.
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  3. Also 'you're only good if you're 18' sounds like some twinkophilic catholic church propaganda we should not be encouraging.
  4. It was a good article, but tell the author we don't care if she doesn't see herself in Madonna anymore.
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  5. I hope she keeps the mole from now on, it works beautifully still with her.
  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I want nothing more than for 'Crave' to chart in the US, it has everything to make it a modern (minor) hit. The AC charting is promising, but it needs more attention on streaming and a big performance could do it.

    Ultimately I know this probably own't happen, but a girl can dream and pray for at the very least a #125 bubbling under smash.

    Also, I'm sure this has been mentioned but 'Bitch I'm Madonna' is now eligible for Gold in US (218k digital sales and 39m streams). Rebel Heart is probably close if not there already for a gold cert as well.
  7. Madonna calling her out and turning the conversation around on her made me scream.

    I think the writer shed light on what I imagine a lot of older fans must feel, though, and maybe why they expect M to act a certain way now, and it’s because they’re grappling with their own aging and spend too much time thinking about how other people might view them.
  8. Sucking her own toe would be lolz. A nod to Naomi and Malluma.
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  9. I think it’s natural for a fan base who have constantly seen a lot of themselves in Madonna to keep applying those observations at any age. It's often those ties that keep a fanbase intact. She herself has stated that when her fans look at her they see themselves.
    There was always going to come a time when portions of her fanbase came to a cross roads with her. Her longevity is as much to do with her fanbase keeping faith in her ability to reinvent....well.

    I always find these blanket criticisms of her fanbase wild because let’s be honest. Madonna isn't some regional act, she’s the worlds most famous woman and the most successful female in music. It therefore follows she has mass appeal to a multitude of people from different demographics who hold a wide range of opinions. Not everyone has that. Unlike a lot of pop girls and boys she’s also highly political so it follows. Madonna has always wanted a reaction and reactions are based on opinions so it’s daft to expect people not to express themselves.

    I think a lot of her angst in the last ten years has probably arisen from her consciously trying to turn the lens back on the world rather than on her. She’s always done this to some extent but there’s a definite shift as she’s gotten older. I don’t think she relishes the spotlight as much as she once did...but old habits die hard. She’s definitely more “look at what I’m saying” not “look at me” these days, but there are shades of live by the sword die by the sword that come with that stance. The spotlight feels crueler, more affecting and she’s possibly weary of it now she’s older. Part of her probably doesn’t give a shit but I’m sure she cares how that affects her children and I think any mother would want to be held in high regard by her children. Particularly Madonna for obvious reasons.

    I also think she’s been incredible blessed to have a fanbase who have largely moved with her for the last four decades. She hasn’t made it easy at times. Each blessing has often come with a curse that presented itself at the time or came back to haunt her later..and sometimes the curses have become blessings in disguise.
    We also know she’s hypocritical and contradictory a lot of the time. She makes her own rules and bends them at her will.

    I don’t think this cycle will end and I don’t think we’ll magically get to Cher territory where she’s pretty much universally adored and cherished as an international treasure. I think she’ll always get shit. From the press, from the industry and from her vast and wide ranging fan base. I'm not sure she'd even want that Gold Watch approach either. What would she have to talk about? Let's be honest. The ageist and feminist agendas she's been addressing in her world for the last few years has been infinitely more interesting that her Hey You save the world agenda, not least in terms of music and image. Her relationship with art, music, the world and her observers, fans and critics has always been hugely cyclical. I can't see it changing.
  10. Crazy being referred to as an "accordion bopp"
    oh mama

  11. This is the best review, both in terms of reception and writing. There are no backhanded compliments and the record sounds like it might be the most intriguing of the year. It sounds like it has so many cool sonic ideas.
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  13. also, when it comes to nme and madonna they are usually quite good at foreshadowing overall critical reception of an album. most likely we are about to have her most critically acclaimed record since coadf.
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  14. I don't know if it's because I'm insanely tired but this picture's almost making me emotional, seeing her embrace and sort of comfort her younger self. To say she's come far since then is the bigger understatement in music history.
  15. I assumed that this would be less experimental than American Life or Erotica, but a few of these tracks sound more experimental. Dark Ballet legit sounds like the weirdest thing she's ever put her name to and that's saying something.
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  16. "all out Eurotrash, NYC disco, house..." has me excited
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  17. My three moods.
  18. NME started giving mostly ass-kissing reviews ever since it went free so I wouldn't hold it as a bastion of opinion just yet.
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  19. Every single review says basically the same thing. It’s bold, crazy and her most weird album ever. I think we can sleep very well.
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