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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. It's well-written and objective (it clearly lays out the problems), so I'm not seeing any reason to call it into question.
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  2. If that's what one wants from her, absolutely yes. The others can always go back to Confessions. And the bopz.
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  3. Yeah I’m not getting “ass-kissing” from that review at all; it’s pretty balanced.

    I’m so excited for Dark Ballet, I Don’t Search... and Bitch I’m Loca
  4. I'm sure the album is going to be great. But out of the last 10 albums reviewed by NME, they gave 8 of them 4/5. I wouldn't even give that score to the last 8 albums I bought. Just saying.
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  5. LTG


  6. Are all by the same reviewer? and may'be those 8 albums deserved 4/5?
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  7. This shade....

    "Since then, close-ups of Madonna’s hands have been as much a tabloid staple as Victoria Beckham’s scowl or Amanda Holden’s sideboob!"
  8. Last time I got a free NME the writing team was two people.
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  9. Good article but I'm gonna avoid the comment section like the plague. The Guardian's readers (the ones who post comments) generally make me ill.
  10. The reviews so far are definitely hype inducing, and that’s without the three bonus tracks we know very little about. Not long to go now.

    I’ve listened to everything she’s pre-released so far but after reading all of the reviews I think I’m going to leave Dark Ballet for my first album run through. It feels like it’s going to be a real highlight of the record so I will try my best to abstain from listening.
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  11. Love the NME review. Strange they don't mention God Control, though
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  13. I bloody can't wait for Friday when Dark Ballet is out. I've been forcing myself not to listen to any of the 4 released tracks since Future was released, didn't want to spoil them. Dark Ballet sounds so damn intriguing. I'm sure it will keep me over for the remaining week we have until the album drops.
  14. RJF


    Thank FUCK for this article. I was starting to go mad. Even the New York Times article felt obsessed with just how much of the past Madonna has been around for. I can’t read another romanticised, purple-prose-laden description about New York in the 80s that gets bookended by two Madonna quotes and has the nerve to be called an interview.
  15. Guitardonna

  16. Wheres the album review though? All she's done is review other peoples articles. Points well made but the title sort of undoes itself by making the article about her age and not her music? Very confusing.
  17. LTG


    The Guardian have already reviewed the album, which she refers to in the article, saying that even that raised her age before discussing the music.
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  18. The Guardian interestingly did two reviews of Rebel Heart but I think that was because one critic preferred the rebel songs while the other favored the heart songs.
  19. I believe one of them is from the Observer, which comes on Sundays?
  20. New peak for Medellin on Spotify Italy
    #141 Italy (+20)
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