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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I love that she has someone who takes photo and video for her social media now and she doesn’t have to relinquish everything that made her Instagram so endearing
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  2. The New York Times piece was excellent, very well written and the pictures are gorgeous.

    This part of the interview made me feel a little sad for Madonna though
    I just can't over the fact that someone at her level even glances at the utter garbage spouted on social media. I guess the fact that she carries on regardless is testament to her steely spirit and tenacity.
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  3. I have no doubt this album is gonna be great, but if it turns out to be shit, I have Crave, and it's up there with her best. Addictive to the hilt.
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  4. I want to marry that second Guardian article. YES. Finally, some reason.
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  5. The photoshoot for the New York Times is absolutely stunning, probably one of my favorites of her career even. That picture of her embracing her younger self literally makes my heart hurt.
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  6. I’ve actually preordered the special edition cd, which is rare nowadays.
  7. This makes me long for an acoustic version.
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  8. I 'met' a guy from Lisbon last weekend and he had so much M tea.
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  9. We would like to see it.
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  10. She. Sounds. Gorgeous.
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  11. How many times did you meet him
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  12. RJF


    "Crave" is one of her all-time best, and one of the best singles of the year.
  13. Meat
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  14. These NYTimes shots got me feeling emotional.
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  15. God I could just read Madonna's interviews for hours. Even when she's wrong, it's so interesting to see her viewpoint and where she's coming from. The fact about hating when her songs come on in public was a bit sad but not surprising. I need more of these long-form interviews from her though for sure.
  16. Well can you imagine Vogue and Like A Virgin playing all over the world and you’re just trying to be you? Not glammed up. Not publicly presentable. Not in the mood to smile and to be the version of her everyone expects. And then “ladies with an attitude!” A fucking nightmare! I understand her 100%.
  17. Just a few hours until Dark Ballet is out in NZ, right? I can't wait, this sounds like it will be the best song of the ones released so far.
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  18. Like 9-10 hours.
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  19. I hope she kept most of the Met Gala lyrics. I really like them.
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