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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Okay I read the NYT profile this morning before work and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I kind of felt that the writer involved herself and her feelings towards Madonna a bit too much? I know how celeb profiles work but I was left knowing more about the writer than Madonna. Perhaps that’s Madonna’s fault for not being as forthcoming??? I don’t know, it just left me feeling cold.
  2. I’d written this in another forum regarding the article:

    It isn't an interview. It’s a journalistic reflection on Madonna at 60, both in how she is perceived, how she chooses to be perceived, and the chasm that exists between the two. I found it jarring that everything was written in past tense, but realized afterwards that this was a stylistic choice to emphasize the piece as a historical one. Madonna isn’t interested in being relatable, and yet the journalist manufactured her entire gauge of her subject based upon how she makes her feel. Ultimately it is a journalistic fail, but a fascinatingly revealing one nonetheless. She should have chatted with Ruby Wax before taking on such a rare opportunity fearfully and blindly!

    Most of us realized, as we aged, that we couldn’t make the puzzle pieces of our lives fit and made peace with that. Madonna kept reaching into the past to discover more and more about herself. There was no one truth, only the deepening of your own understanding. At one point, she said to me rhetorically: “What is the truth? Your truth when you’re 18 is not going to be your truth when you’re 28 or when you’re 38. Life is not black and white. It’s gray, and one minute you’re going to feel so strongly and believe in something so strongly, and then maybe you won’t in five years.”

    This was the most relatable part to me, and the one that seemed most revealing about both Madonna and the journalist. It contains clues as to why Madonna is so elusive, timeless and also sometimes unpopular; to relate to her means to feel in awe and in the shadow of her work ethic and her insatiable curiosity about life. It means you have to work harder. You can’t be lazy, or regurgitate. You will have to feel your way through inadequacy, and that’s not what the modern consumerist-friendly entertainment world is about. I love that Madonna is unfocused on this. It would be great if those who measure the success of her accomplishments by chart positions, positive reinforcement and critical validation could truly reflect upon this and also let that go once and for all.

    I’ll add that Madonna’s response on IG is very Barbra Streisand! I love her feistiness, but I also think it’s strange that someone of their great renown thinks that anyone will not objectify them, scrutinize them through a personal lens, and offer something less humanized to the public. It’s almost a requirement for a “serious” journalist to submit something either
    sensationalistic or an indictment of their privilege, isn’t it?
  3. Sounds like she was plenty forthcoming but the writer only wanted to focus on her age, and got called out on it.
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  4. Oh wow. The melody sounds the same as Met Gala but so much better here. It sounds more laid back vocally. For those who have heard the whole thing, does the second verse go harder in terms of vocals?

    Also, something about it reminds me of American Life, the song.
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  5. Oh, that's just the start of the song. That part only lasts 1:30. Then it's... completely different (& better - to my ears).
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  6. No her vocals stay the same up until she transforms into a cyborg
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  7. Vocally, the 2nd verse is pretty much the same as the first verse, but with a very very slight vocoder effect on the vocals. There's just a much more pronounced beat during the 2nd verse.
    Then it completely changes altogether...
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  8. It's not how it works. I have been interviewed both from the T and NYT. What they do is fact checking writing you back or calling with a detailed list of questions such as: Is it true you have been working in Lisbon, is your son a painter etc. They do this to make sure facts are just right without ever sending the final article. It's important for their independence as press.
  9. That makes sense.
  10. LiK


    Dark Ballet is amazing to my ears. It's so good that I simply wished it was longer and it's not even a short song.
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  11. I kept wanting it to be longer, but was unable to figure out what I wanted more of when it already gave me everything
  12. I agree with her disappointment but I don't think the journalist did it out of malice or sensationalism; she just wanted someone to relate to about being an "older" mother. Ironically, she mentioned that Madonna is a pop icon and not a shoulder to cry on, yet decided to frame the entire article around age. I understand why Madonna is pissed. She wants the conversation to be about her work and not her personal circumstances, her kids, her colleagues or her living arrangements.
  13. Yeah, I just think the interviewer was a fan who got seriously swept up, but Madonna doesn’t have time for that. Not when she’s giving you months of unprecedented access.
  14. I guess DB result more as a composition then a real remains quite open, almost sketchy. Obviously that's the point but it does leave the listener a bit hung up. It is a promising step in new territories that I hope will expand to the more traditional pop cuts from the album.
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  15. Is it "Fight against The English" or anguish? I'm just thinking with it being Joan of Arc.
  16. i think those photos were hideous. the idea is obviously good, but the execution/retouching/manipulation is awful.
  17. I have a monthly column in one of the Irish magazines and I recently wrote about this year's Eurovision but made sure to give our Queen the last word

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  18. What retouching?
  19. the actual lyrics according to iTunes, even though they seem unclear about the last few lines:

    I will not do most of the things that I have said
    I will never renounce my faith in my sweet lord
    He has chosen me to fight against the English
    I am not a fighter, I don't do that cause I'm a lady
    God is on my side and I'll be fine
    I am not afraid 'cause I have faith in him
    You can cut my hair and throw me in a jail cell
    Say that I'm a witch and burn me at the stake
    It's all a big mistake
    To ... and doubt him is a sin
    I won't give in
  20. whatever they did to those images, so now they completely lack any physicality whatsoever.
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