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I don't know about "Dark Ballet". I heard it and I only enjoyed the first half. The second half was weird to me, but everything is better than "Medellín". Specially "I Rise", that song is awesome.
For some reason I thought it was 6+ minutes long so when it finished at 4:12 with some weird Estere blowing out birthday candles sounds I was left hanging for more. It's not anywhere near as expansive or kitchen sink opera batshit mad as I was expecting.

I thought the same.
It just misses something.
I wished it had dramatic ending like I Don't Give A.
I was expecting the production to be more dense (not sure why since most of her productions with Mirwais are not dense). It's actually quite spare, which I think is the right decision.
Cyberraga? Shanti Ashtangi? Act Of Contrition? What It Feels Like For A Girl (video edit)? Hey You?

I assume you're joking with Hey You, but the only one of these that are possibly more experimental is Act of Contrition, but I'm not sure I count that as a full song. Shanti/Ashtangi is experimental in terms of genre and her singing in a different language, but the track itself has a fairly standard structure that stays consistent and is certainly imbued with more pop melody than Dark Ballet. Cyberraga is certainly weirder than Shanti/Ashantgi, but again, the structure is more standard and static than Dark Ballet's.

Actually, Dark Ballet has quite a bit in common with Act of Contrition. The shifts, the jarring moments of craziness, etc.

Paradise is a contender, since it shifts structure at certain points, but I feel has less WTF moments and it actually has a chorus.
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