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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. NZ accounts on Spotify (made with VPNs). At least that's how I do it.
  2. The video looks incredible but I just hope she's actually in it a fair bit. She's barely in any of the clips we've seen thus far.
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  3. Supposedly Mykki is the main focus and she’s in it only as an “angel of inspiration” character, which I think is a neat idea if true
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  4. She directed the video right? Wasn't Mykki mentioning that?
  5. I love she’s not in the video as the protagonist. It’s perfect for this kind of song, and the video looks stunning.
  6. I don't know about "Dark Ballet". I heard it and I only enjoyed the first half. The second half was weird to me, but everything is better than "Medellín". Specially "I Rise", that song is awesome.
  7. Emmanuel Adjei directed it
  8. Is this a first for her (not being the focus of a video)?
  9. No, there was Dear Jessie before lol

  10. Oh right!!
  11. I thought the same.
    It just misses something.
    I wished it had dramatic ending like I Don't Give A.
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  12. I was expecting the production to be more dense (not sure why since most of her productions with Mirwais are not dense). It's actually quite spare, which I think is the right decision.
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  13. The most experimental track? That is up for debate.
  14. What is more experimental?
  15. this is sweet.

    You are always invited! ❌

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  16. Cyberraga? Shanti Ashtangi? Act Of Contrition? What It Feels Like For A Girl (video edit)? Hey You?
  17. I assume you're joking with Hey You, but the only one of these that are possibly more experimental is Act of Contrition, but I'm not sure I count that as a full song. Shanti/Ashtangi is experimental in terms of genre and her singing in a different language, but the track itself has a fairly standard structure that stays consistent and is certainly imbued with more pop melody than Dark Ballet. Cyberraga is certainly weirder than Shanti/Ashantgi, but again, the structure is more standard and static than Dark Ballet's.

    Actually, Dark Ballet has quite a bit in common with Act of Contrition. The shifts, the jarring moments of craziness, etc.

    Paradise is a contender, since it shifts structure at certain points, but I feel has less WTF moments and it actually has a chorus.
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  18. Bedtime Story, Paradise, Nobody's Perfect...
    There are a lot of experimental songs. Everybody won't agree about DB being the most experimental.
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  19.’s excellent but it’s literally a standard trance song
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