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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hhhhhoodie?
  2. Maybe for their time... certainly not now
  3. I think most of Madonna's albums have at least one track that makes you stop what you're doing and think "ok, what is happening here?"

    We got that with Act of Contriction, Now I'm Following You (Part 2), Did You Do It?, Bedtime Story, Shanti/Ashtangi, Paradise (Not For Me), Mother and Father, Isaac, Spanish Lesson, Gang Bang. Not sure what the Rebel Heart song would be though.
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  4. Holy Water or AutoTune Baby
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  5. The Bitch I’m Madonna demo where she just laughs for the last minute with monkey noises.
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  6. Bitch I’m Madonna, Illuminati, Holy Water, Iconic, S.E.X., AutoTune Baby

    Rebel Heart was kind of full of campy, experimental Madonna moments
  7. They are still experimental.
  8. I never said they weren’t. The point being made is that “Dark Ballet” is her most experimental/weird/camp track to date. Not sure what’s so hard to grasp here.
  9. Not saying you have to agree with me, but why do you think those are more experimental? To me, the only one that is a contender is Paradise. Nobody's Perfect and Bedtime Story both have fairly conventional structures even if the mood/atmosphere/genre is experimental.
  10. Shocked at the lack of Impressive Instant mentions.
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  11. This is blatantly one of her most "out there" moments. "Nobody's Perfect" more experimental? Ha!
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  12. Like I said it is up for debate.
    The are so many and choosing the most experimental song would be hard.
  13. It is. It's much longer than a song of its genre usually is, it has two choruses, lots of delayed gratification (most pop songs withhold a little bit, but not nearly that much), pretty radical shifts in tempo and atmosphere.

    Medellin is still firmly my favorite. Current ranking: Medellin>Dark Ballet>Crave (Crave used to be behind Future but it really snuck up on me lately)>Future>I Rise.
  14. Maybe for you.
  15. The only particularly experimental thing about Nobody's Perfect is the sustained use of vocoder. Take that away and it's really no more experimental than anything else on Music.
  16. LTG


    Madame X is tired of buying Rocco clothes
  17. (Rocco's a... painter?)
  18. Impressive Instant is a better choice than Nobody's Perfect. There's a lot of weird things going on in that song. Dark Ballet would still definitely come out on top in terms of which one's more experimental though.
  19. Enough about the NYT article now, please.
  20. Dark Ballet is the most confidently weird song I've ever heard. So many filthy casuals are going to go into this album next Friday by hitting play on track 2 (as they've already heard the first song) and simply wither into dust. Cannot wait for the meltdowns.
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