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Madonna - Madame X

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. I actually think her albums as a whole have gotten more out there and over the top in the past 10 years. Even as someone who doesn’t like MDNA all that much, the weirdness and camp definitely seemed to start there, and it seems she tops it each time. I suppose with that in mind it’s not surprising to read that Madame X is such a strange and twisted collection of sounds, especially when you factor in her reuniting with her strangest collaborator.
  2. AutoTune, not vocoder
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Melodyne!

    Kidding. I'm just throwing vocal effects out there.
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  5. A song doesn't have to have unconventional structure to be experimental.
    And it seems like to some people DB is an easy answer, because it has unconventional structure.

    Nothing is a fact.
  6. Gang Bang is pretty experimental. At least my brother & cousin thought so when I sang it at karaoke.
  7. I was actually listening to the Production album just this afternoon. I love how you can trace a clear throughline between Mirwais’ work on it and Music
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  8. While I think MDNA's weirdness and over the topness was fairly mild (though definitely there), I completely agree with your basic point. Rebel Heart in particular seemed to set a stage for this current kookiness, but the songs on that album are really conventional structurally. It seems like Madame X is taking the Rebel Heart looseness (i.e: not particularly giving a fuck about so called "good taste" and so called "grace") and backing it up with weirder structures and weirder genre combinations.
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  9. "I took a pill and had a dream" is probably one of my favorite lines from her, ever. I am still enjoying Medellin so much as the first single!
  10. RJF


    "Dark Ballet" is a mess.
  11. I mean, I agree with this since I do think those songs you listed are experimental, but being unconventional at the structure seems to me more experimental than being unconventional at the surface. And Dark Ballet has both, which is why it wins. I can't think of anything about it that's not weird TBH. The lyrics in the first half maybe.
  12. It might be that Rebel Heart and Madame X aren't hugely dissimilar in terms of song writing, structure and sound, she may just be leading with the more curious stuff. If Rebel had led with Bitch, Autotune, Illuminati and Devil Pray we might have felt the same. I guess we'll see eh.
  13. Justify My Love was pretty out there at the time of release from what I've read and been told. Act of Contrition was a pretty weird album closer for Like A Prayer but I see it more as a mood piece to end that album than an actual song.
    She's definitely not been afraid to experiment (Mer Girl/Paradise/Cyber raga/American Life/Gang Bang) and even release experimental tracks as singles (Justify My Love/Bedtime Story) It seems that every album has at least one experimental song that really stands out from the pack sonically or thematically etc... but Dark Ballet, to me, has to be the most bonkers thing she's released so far. All the other tracks make sense as songs or mood pieces in some way... this makes no sense to me whatsoever. Do I like or love it? No. Do I find it quirky and fascinating? Yes. Is it a song I'll find myself returning to? I doubt that very much... but I'll probably enjoy it for what it is when I'm listening to the album... M having fun and giving zero fucks.
  14. Impressive Instant is more experimental that all the songs above. How her voice was processed not in “pretty” way on Dark Ballet is very Impressive Instant to me.
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  15. Madonna releasing Dark Ballet tomorrow be like:
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  16. Her voice is pretty hideous on the verses, but it works in terms of the theme. It was obviously intentional because she sounds absolutely gorgeous on Crave.
  17. Your comments are making me so curious but I will wait for my CD to get to my mailbox and dedicate myself to discovering the 15 songs I haven't listened to yet
    Too much spare time and the obnoxious Milan heat made me "produce" this today:

    Sorry for this silly little thing but I do love the song and I have no one to crave for.... Hahahahah
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  18. Madame X is so fucking experimentel that she sings my Vogue-style 20th-century classical composers rap in the shower every morning.

  19. Ok so this latest teaser has me sold on the video

  20. This is peak fagotry.

    you right now:
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